My son and I finally caught something!

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  1. Finally!! I got a work buddy kind enough to take the son and I out on Hoover last Saturday. Hit the water about 6:15, and not soon after we started landing crappie (8-9in). After the bite died, we decided to troll for eyes, I used a rapala grey shad rap(deep diver). I was smashing some doritos when all of a sudden my pole morphs into a C shape. I yell, "MMMMPPPPHHH!!!" cause I still had the Doritos in the mouth. Anyway, my buddy helped with the drag (otherwise I would have likely tried to muscle it and lose it) and 10 min later.....landed a 8lb cat. My personal best ever. All in all, my son got to catch a batch, I hooked into something above a pound, and the morning was beautiful.....what a day.
  2. Congrats on the great day!! Keep at it...there are fish to be caught.

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    The best is yet to come!!! Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec up until first ice:D

    Maybe Warner Cable wont reach an agreement with ESPNU and all the Buckeye games will be pay per view:D More time to fish!!!

    Congrats on your day!! You'll have many more:B
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    This should of been my user ID.

    Nice job.
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    When you were trolling, How fats were you going?
    Were you useing a gas or a trolling motor.
    I am learning on how to troll. I bought my first boat, :eek:
  7. It was my buds boat and he was driving, I would estimate under 5mph with the line out behind about 40 yards...trolling from South to North..
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    Sounds like a great day. Out with you son and buddy fishing. Glad to hear your son got into some fish and congrats on your PB.