My sisters first Smallmouth...and it was a BIG ONE!

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    Finally, I got to spend some quality time with my sister out on my boat! You see, her kids are still small, so time away from home is really difficult. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I (we) enjoyed our day together :)This was actually Michelle's first time on my boat. Can you believe it? Yeah, I've been bugging her for years...but the whole finding the time thing always seems to get in the way.
    She is really a novice at fishing, but trust me...she has it in her blood! Her and I are like two peas in a pod, as you will notice when you're watching the video.
    This fish that she caught was an absolutely gorgeous Lake Erie smallmouth. I thought at first it was about 5 to 5 1/2lbs, but after holding it, I'm guessing this fish was much closer to 6 pounds. Not bad for her first smallmouth huh? <br>Oh my gosh...she was just SO excited, and just couldnt wait to get her line back in to experience that thrill all over again and again, and again.
    Notice her "gentle" release at the end of this video clip. That was just too funny! She did much better with her second one though (watch the second video clip)


    Here is another video of my sister after catching her second smallmouth. Would you believe that she actually kissed this fish??? I was cracking up...even I have never felt like kissing a fish! I do thank them though :)

    In case those links don't can see those, and more of my fishing videos at
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  2. Will you take me fishing?

  3. Lewis


    Congrats to your Sis on her first Bass,and a nice one at that!
  4. very nice sister......
  5. Great video ReelLady!! I think you have a new tourney partner! She was a just a chucking them fish back! You can see how bad she was shaking and excited she was! LOL
  6. Two pretty ladies in a pretty boat with a pretty fish...what could be better? That's awesome!
    Now you'll have to take her and her kids. That's been my game lately and the kids love it. So do all the nagging me "when we can go everyday?" neighborhood kids.

    there's kiddie pics in my gallery
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    Marcia, nothing better than taking a sibling away for a day to let them escape from the grind of everyday living. If she fished with you as a kid, with Dad, she's hooked again. Hubby better be ready to do some babysitting.:p Michelle has the fever now.:D Very nice videos.
  8. Wow great fish for 1st time smallmouth. Two years from now that fish will weigh 12 lb as in goes down in the legends of your family. Great job !!!
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    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!


    Here is video footage of my 5 year old Niece when I took her for her first fishing adventure with her "Auntie Posh" (Posh is my family nickname....don't ask :p )
    She was SO excited and so very proud of herself!
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  10. my 3 year old daughter(Carson) watched the Mackenzie clip with me and says she wants to play with her. Carson catches lots of those, but usually after ten minutes wants ice cream so i have to give her a pet worm to play with. Usually works for at least a half hour of no icecream talk, lol.
  11. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    That would be so neat to watch two little girls fishing and getting so excited! They would definitely feed off of eachothers excitement :)