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Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by Shadowolf, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. As A Professional working Chef (Sous Chef) I would love to offer my services and help answering any Culinary questions you may have.
    School trained with experience in fine dining and American cuisines, Worked in many restaurants in Downtown Pittsburgh and a few in the Cleveland area. Currently awaiting the opening of a new restaurant in the Rocky River area so I have some time on my hands and would love to talk food.
  2. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    ok i will bite ;)

    have any good quick ways to make a good meal ...........going to have a busy semester ahead of me and dont want to eat crap

    been looking for some pan meals that are quick but low in cals probly containt a meat and veggie

    i just wont have time to use the oven

    but do have the grill i use the hell out of that

    oh how about seafood shrimp clams lobster ect i really would like to get into cooking that stuff thats one of the places that my cooking lacks

    how about pasta i had some one time that wasent red or white sauce but a garlic sauce and was lite garlic sauce

  3. fugarwi7

    fugarwi7 Lumberjack

    You may be sorry you offered to help us aspiring wanna-be chefs. I have been trying to prepare a buffalo/cajun spice pan seared shrimp but I can't seem to get it right. Either I cook too long, not long enough, spice wont stick to the shrimp (cooks off), pan too hot, not hot enough, spice flavor just not right, wrong oil, wrong butter...I think I've tried everything, but can't seem to get it...I have no recipe or guideline...pretty much started winging it and through trial and error, made adjustments...but still can't dial it in?

    I cook on a electric cooktop...could that be the problem...I have a cast griddle for my outdoor grill...should I move this project to that type of heat?

    Any suggestions, thoughts, comments...
  4. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i'm no master chef(sometimes people think so,LOL),but there is your biggest problem:p :D
    i HATE electric for'll never find an electric range in a good cook's kitchen,unless of course they have no choice,like me:(
  5. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    well where did you go????????????
  6. A good Spanish Paella.
  7. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    He got food poisoning?:D

  8. Basil pesto pasta is one of my quick to make meals. Make your pesto ahead of time and freeze it into cubes.

    Basil pesto requires basil leaves (fresh), parsley leaves (flat, Italian parsley), cilantro (optional, if you like the taste, fresh), garlic cloves, Parmesan cheese (reggiano is best if you can find it at a decent price), pine nuts (optional) and olive oil.

    In a food processor or blender, chop the garlic (couple of cloves, more or less to taste), pine nuts (if used) leaves (rinsed and dried a bit), the cheese (grate first), then add the olive oil until the consistency is a paste bit still a bit lumpy. Put the basil pesto into ice cube trays and freeze overnight. Empty cubes into a freezer bag.

    To cook the pasta, saute veggies (onion, sweet peppers, hot peppers, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, etc.) and/or steam veggies (carrots, broccoli, etc). While getting the veggies ready, boil the water and cook the pasta. Once the pasta is complete, drain the pan but ensure that the pasta is still a bit wet. This allows the pesto to stick. Put a few pesto cubes in a bowl and microwave about 30 seconds. That's normally enough to soften it up. Add the pesto paste to the drained pasta. Don't cook it after this point, just stir to distribute the pesto, then add the veggies. Add other seasonings (salt, pepper, hot stuff) when desired.

    I can normally put this meal together in under 20 minutes. The same thing in a restaurant is well over ten bucks a plate.
  9. I'm sooooo sorry!!! I forgot about this post I hardly come down this far in the forums and I had recieved a few Pm's so I just figured that's how people were getting to me Anyway sorry....

    Fishingful:::: The good thing about making quick meals is it can be anything and it's almost always going to taste good! Mussels are a good idea you can get a pack of frozen pre-cooked one's at Giant Eagle fairly cheep try mixing them with some penne pasta halved cherry tomatoes and a butter garlic sauce (melt the butter and toss in as much or little fresh crushed garlic as you like) top with fresh parsley and it should be good. Try shrimp in a nice Alfredo sauce with pasta of your choice. Alfredo is the easiest sauce to make heavy cream and Parmesan cheese to thicken fresh parsley. Bring the cream to a simmer then add handfuls of the cheese till you get a good thick sauce. add an ounce or two of creamed cheese to give it a richer texture. toss that with some cooked shrimp (Try the baby shrimp)and pasta. My grandma used to finish her Alfredo with a pinch of Nutmeg I don't know if it's called for in any recipes but everybody that has my Alfredo says it's the best they have ever had. Garlic sauce is easy Melted butter a lil white wine and garlic just simmer it to blend the flavors.

    fugarwi7::: ya the electric grill is your problem... that being said grab that cast iron skillet and get it as hot as possible on the stove top. Toss your shrimp in a seasoning mix coat good, and I'll tell you who makes a good one that I think you can get at your local grocery store Chef Paul Prudhomme. Now get that pan HOT! toss shrimp in flip after 1 minute maybe less you'll have to play with it but they should cook very quick (They will smoke so turn the fan on). a good variation to this that I have done in a restaurant I worked at is to top with Blue Cheese place it in the oven under the broiler to melt and MMMM Good! <-- Black N' Blue shrimp

    leeabu::::S Spanish Paella ~never made one?

    Ok I will now keep checking this forum~!~