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My rig?? Snagging??

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by heavycarolina, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. I have been fishing Buttonwood, and had around 8 fish on and caught a sucker. One was a definite snag that was released, and the rest shook my jig loose. I have a couple questions to put out there. First it seems like I am tieing jigs on about as much as I am fishing, I put on lighter weight but then I don't hit the bottom. So I put the heavy weight back on and continue tieing on lures. A the same time, I have to restring my pole after every day I fish, I end up coming up short with my string. Do other people have this problem or am I doing something wrong?? What can I do to improve my situation??

    The other question I have is about snagging. I seen a couple threads on here about snagging(legal) and another about being hooked in the lips but from the outside in. In the fishing rules it sais the fish must be hooked in the mouth, does that include in the mouth but from the outside in??? All replies appreciated, GOOD LUCK FISHING!!!!!!
  2. 1. Tieing jigs on as much as fishing.

    It seems as if your fishing with too much weight. You may alos be fishing in the prime spot for a snag-snags. Try to move a little. How much weight are you flinging?

    2. Snagging

    A fish can only be kept if it is hooked inside the mouth out. Hooking a fish from the outside-in is a snagged fish........put it back. The hook point must be in the fishes mouth first.


  3. Well yesturday I was using a floater with two half ounce or three three/eighths, if I go lighter I don't start hitting the bottom until it is half way down my drift. I fish right off of some fast rapids, I have had success there several times in the past, but man is it expensive. I'll try moving around a bit, hopefully that willl help. Thanks for your help.
  4. I don't fish the super fast water, but a full ounce of lead seems a little to much.

    Loosing lures may be the price you have to pay to fish such fast water.

  5. Some of these tailwaters hold baffles before the hole. ;)
  6. Maybe your casting to far upstream? If Im standing looking straight at river I will cast down stream about 10 degrees so of I do snag the "snap trick" usually will free my line.
    If you get snagged with your lure upstream from you its usually SOL and time to tie on another.
  7. You may be talking about my (legal) snag comment. It was a smart comment because there are guys down there that say their fish was legal when you could clearly see it in the head, outside of the mouth, underside of the jaw, etc... They are the same kind of people you want to drowned because they step in the hole you are legally catching fish and look at you like you are crazy when you hook them with your next cast or want to move right on top of you without asking if it is ok to be in your back pocket as you are just trying to enjoy a little fishing. As far as the snagging. Buttonwood has always taken peoples money year after year but you can find spots with less snags you just need to move until you find a good hole. And I would agree with J Blocker about a full once being too much. But on the other hand most of the rapid areas down there have alot of snags in them I guess it is one of the prices we pay for the run each year.
  8. I would never ask anyone on the maumee if its ok if I fish next to them otherwise I would be looking for a spot all day.
  9. I was taking about the guys that actually come up nextto you and try pushing you up stream or down stream and getting you off the hole you are in or standing behine you and trying to cast around you.
  10. usually a 1/4 oz is all i need, sometimes even less. i find that if i cast straight out at 12 it takes till almost the end of my swing to catch bottom. 10-11 o clock and i get the tick at 12. Buttonwood is just a pain in the butt for its snags. if you're consitantly snagging just move a few feet down or up stream, the swing will move quite a lot once you factor in the 20-30 feet of line out.
  11. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    Never did the Maumee thing, but it sounds like the Chagrin 25 years ago for salmon...I'm all in ;)

    I used to use a weird kinda rig while drifting in Erie for eyes. It looked like a 16" peice of coat hanger with a sinker attached at about 12" from the bottom. Seems to me, a reduced version of this type sinker would do the trick in that you will skip over the snags.

    I'll be out sometime this week to test my theory...and I do't scare easily, so if yer plan is to sqeeze me ou of my ready to get accidentily snagged in the leg

    Sorry in advance