my poor bengals

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by smallie, Sep 15, 2008.

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    The Tennessee Game Was Disgusting. We Have No Offense, And, What We Do Have Is Really Offensive. I Feel A 4 Win Season Coming On.
  2. Carson Palmer is killing my fantasy football team. I benched him for next week.

  3. The defense looked inspired for a series or two then it all fell apart, the offense has been a tragedy since camp, the whole team just looks lost, Im no longer completely sold on Marvin is the answer.
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    Those guys aren't even close to being on the same page. No team unity. Watch them. They dont want to play together anymore. Great talent without unity gets you nowhere. They dont care if they miss a block, drop a pass, blow a coverage, or get that important tackle. Palmer doesn't care to look downfield if he has a man in his face. TJ and Chad dont want to share time with the J.B. Rudy is so glad to be gone from there, he'd have signed with anybody for free. Lewis has no say so on personel, so he has to take what they give him. 3 seasons ago, this was the top team in our division. Oh what a diffrence a day makes.
  5. Marvin Lewis is not at's all MIKE BROWN...cheapest man in football.
  6. He doesnt have all the control that I originally thought he did(Chris Henry stands proof of that) but he has enough talent down there to do better than what he has, we look horrible, and before the final roster cuts we were pushed right up against the cap.