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  1. well i hit my pond last night with the 6 wt fly rod and caught about 20 crappys a couple gills and missed a few perch all fish came on the muddler minnow but i have a ? do any of you have problems hooking the crappys i had about 40-50 crappys inhale my fly and when i set the hook it flew out of their mouth
    but like idk what i did wrong can anyone help me out on this ohh yea i missed a nice white bass because of this too biggest crappy went 13 1/2 most were like 9inchs gills were nice though like 8 inchs
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    I guess that is why they call em 'paper mouths.' The sking around their mouths is thing and tears very easily. Luckily I have never lost a crappie I had on, but I'm sure it will happen sooner or later. The key a good firm hook set, but don't rip it like those dudes on the fishing shows that act like they're trying to pull down a train with their hook set. :)

  3. Just a nice, easy "strip set" on those crappie will be fine....just an easy strip of the line while "lifting" the "jerk" necessary. I have no problem setting the hook on crappie, gills, bass, cats, etc.
  4. I agree, I fnid that they are generally energetic enough on the take that all you have to do is hold jerk set necessary
  5. thxs i did kind set the hook a little hard i guess but i will try a more settal set
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    haha you were rippin lips!
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    Perfctly Said! It took me awhile to get that BASS style mentality out of my system.