my pond 5/9/08 with pic

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  1. well had about 15 mins to burn so again head to my pond with my jerk bait and one got one crappy on it after one round around my pond to switched to my 1/16th jig and green twister and started my slaying caught about 10 crappys and a big blue gill anouther trout its weird cuz i have caught two trout out of myu pond in two days now any ways and a walleye well got some pics too [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Wish,

    Is that a little walleye in your pond? Looks like allot of fun. I took my daughter out the other day on our pond and we caught 19 bass and some gills. I finaly caught a 11" perch that we stocked 3 years ago as a figlerling, it made me glad we stocked them. I thought today might be a little slow, but you look like you did great.


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    Thats awesome with the variety of fish!
  4. thxs lol yea its a little walleye i have tons of eye in my pond even though were not suppost to transport fish from other lakes i have put about 20-30 eyes this year alone in their and no joke about 200 crappys some like five trout and about 15 nice channels some nice perch but we have to buy minnows bye the pound just to feed them its cool though i throw 8 -9 pounds of minnows and just watch a feeding frensie happen we stock it cuz we allways have cook outs at my house and all my famliy comes out and fishes some keep a few fish or we just eat the fish we caught but i bet you and your daughter had a blast with the bass and gills
  5. Does that trout stay alive in there in the summer?????
  6. Wish,
    How much does a pound of minnows cost, where can I get them in gross like that? Thanks
  7. they cost like 8$ and you git like 20 dozzen its a good deal just ask casway spoting good wheen the bait man comes and no i they last till about mid july maby ethey will last longer this year
  8. Wish,
    Thanks I will do that.
  9. no problem its cheep compared to buying single dozzens way cheaper
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    Thats quite an assortment of fish in that pond! awesome...
  11. thxs jim but i think i am going to try my pond for some cats today will post how i do with pics
  12. well hit my pond didnt due to good on good sized crappys but caught a few 12inchs most were like 8 but still nice also caught 2 walleyes on small little hiar jigs while fishing for crappys then after caughting some crappys went to the creek next to my house and caught some chubs and went back to my pond and started for cat man i was mad i was gitting everything but cats i got 2 eye on the chubs also one was 21 inchs though so that was fun the other was like 15-16 a couple bass that werent any size to like 13-14inchers after i ran out of chubs started fishing with hot dogs i swear i got to take some bullheads out of ther cuz that was theonly thign i could git but i did git a realy big bullhead that was like 15 inchs witch is big to me for a bullhead most were tiny but here are some pic of them
    [​IMG] this was the big bullhead it doesnt look big in the pic but it was . and here is the 21 inch walleye [​IMG] and the rest [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Dude thats gotta be awesome 2 have your own pond that you can fish at whenever you want!... Nice pics! Also sounds like you have a little bit of everything in that pond! Sweet!