my PB bullgill

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by NewbreedFishing, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. NewbreedFishing

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    cell phone pic. blah...thanks to dankilla for hooking me up


  2. Great pic!! I should be a photographer man.

  3. Micro_Mini_Angler

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    Bill Dance likes to call those gills TOY Gills, because they Tinkle On Ya, lol. nobody will ever compare to Mr. Bill. nice fish
  4. misfit

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    nice fish,mitch.:B
  5. Nice fish. I haven't seen a bluegill that size in a few years.
  6. Nice fish Mitch slayer of all species!!:)
  7. ReadHeaded Hunter

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    great fish! i bet a bluegill of that size put up quite the fight :)
  8. bmffishing247

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    nice fish, were you using an ultra light when ya caught it. I bet it put up a good fight.
  9. true2plue

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    Is that Charlie Sheen?:D Maybe a little more light wouldv'e helped out! Nice catch anyways!!;)
  10. NewbreedFishing

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    I was out fishing with Dkilla@ a private pond. This fish was spawning right up on shore in a shaded area. I saw her lurking when we approached the bank and thought it was a shellcracker. Showed Dan the fish and we went about our biz. A fter a few bass and getting baked by the 10am sun i came back around to leave and Dan was talking about a big largemouth cruising. Thought i could steal his bass and 'piss it off' with a rapala :p
    the big bass wasnt interested and the big gill was still staring at me. I tied a 2" umbrella crappie tube onto my 14lb test and jiggled it around for a few minutes. fish started really getting annoyed and was lipping the bait. as i got more aggressive it responded and made the fatal mistake/inhaled the tube. No fight...just lifted her up and onto the bank for a quick picture.

    wished everything was that easy:B

    charlie sheen? you might me be confusing me with a another guy on this site. havent seen him post for a long time but this is charlies brother 4 sure

  11. Pigsticker

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    Nice gill dude. Probably gave you all you could handle huh?:D