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    Since we have had our daughter out a couple of times we decided to get our son on the boat. He is 4 and was really stating to ask all the time about going. So we decided on a short trip on the lake Monday evening. He wanted to catch a fish so we put out a trolling rod and got a nice 26" walleye. At first he was a little scared of it but he calmed down enough to watch me release it as we both got wet from the tail splash.:)

    That was about it for the fishing as they, my daughter was with us also, wanted to go fast again. They had a great time and I hope to get them back out soon. I know it was the best fishing trip so far this year:)





  2. ParmaBass

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    Nice pics!! That motor looks pretty sweet too!
  3. Thats great! the beginning of another great reason to be together as a family. Way to go.
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    Great pictures, thanks for sharing :)
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    hey did u move over to cleveland or still at nugents?