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My newest ride, got a ford

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by flathunter, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Hey guys remember the used silverado I posted about a couple monthes ago?..I no longer have it..I do have this in it's place, new 2004 ford ranger, edge package..I love it so far
  2. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    You replaced the Chevy ! :( Hope you enjoy the Ranger.

  3. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Yea the last truck I had was a ranger, drove it for almost 200 thousand miles with no problems..The big chevy was way to expensive, with payments over 600 a month, gas, and insurance I could not afford to drive it.
  4. I just bought a 04' Ranger XLT, ext. cab 4x4

    Runs good, Drives good and thats about it

    Quality get a thumbs down. I've owned the truck a little over a month had it towed once and it ended up costing a couple days off work because I was in S. Carolina. I have a list of items to be fixed when it goes into the shop monday.

    4x4 low range has NEVER worked
    Passengers side P.Window switch doesn't always work
    CD player is junk, some crap was even ejected with a CD once
    Yellow paint on the dash that the dealer STILL has not taken care of
    missing a front inner fender splash guard

    Don't mean to scare you, just telling my experience so far with this truck, I traded in a 99 for this model
  5. dip

    dip dip

    your money on a cHeVy "truck" .... anything FORD is the best you can get!
  6. Wannabitawerm

    Wannabitawerm Flatulent Entreprenuer

    Nice Ranger! Glad you like the truck!

    Polesnatcher, Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with your truck. Sometimes a bad apple can ruin the whole bunch. Hope you don't think all Fords are like that.

    And, in closing, Ford, Chevy, Dodge. I don't care what you buy, just buy American. Made in America doesn't mean made American, either. Chevy and Dodge are the competition for Ford for a reason. Good cars, good trucks, and hard workers!!! All of them. :cool:
  8. Had to throw in my pic, I leased this in March. 04 ranger xlt 4x4 with the fx4 level 2 offroad package. After seeing all the rises in gas prices I'm glad I couldn't afford the hemi dodge (not too mention all the trouble my friend from work had with his dakota). Decided to get the ford after smashing a mail box last winter in my old 2 wheel drive s-10. This is my first new vehicle and I couldn't be happier (well actually if I could find a manufacturer that made push bars for it around $300 or less....). So far haven't been really off-road unless you count driving around farm fields, but I have pulled out a fairly large stump with little difficulty. Plan on keeping it so far, unless ford surprises me with a v-8 ranger sometime soon.

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  9. Nice truck!!!

    I wanted an FX4 Level II but couldn't see spending the extra 6g's for it when I could go to the after market with my XLT. If you ever want to come off those Alcoa wheels though let me know
  10. Good luck with your new ride. Those Ranger's are a great piece of equipment.

    I had two family members of which one worked for GM and the other Ford. Had the opportunity to purchase both Ford And GMC at "A" Plan price and did own both in 4WD delux models. Both were good vehicles with the GMC winning on power with the 4.3 liter V-6 versus Ford's 4.0 but the Ford felt like an all around tougher truck. I now own a Ford Sport Trac 4WD which suits my needs completely but I still miss my Ranger. I have had good luck with both Ford's considering many of my miles are towing and a fair amount of off road use. Almost purchased a F-150 Crew Cab with the 5.4, 24 valve V-8 earlier this summer but decided it was more truck than I needed. I will purchase another Sport Trac for my next vehicle and hope Ford puts a few more HP into the V-6.
  11. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    Good move. I'm not loyal to any brand, I've had most all of them. Nothing inherent good or bad with any brand. It's more of an individual thing with any vehicle, and how it's driven & maintained.
    Ther really are lemons & there's really cream puffs too. I'll explain, when a vehicle is made, it's made from a bunch of parts, some parts are "perfect" and some are on the low end of quality, a lemon is poorly assembled with alot of poor quality parts & never fits or runs right. The cream puff is properly assembled from high quality parts & fits perfect & runs great.
    I figured that big Chevy would break you quick with all the driving you have to do to work. One of the best vehicles I've ever owned is my '91 Ply Voyager mini van. Tranny or axel just went out, with 150,000 miles on it. I got it with 95K on it in 1999. Holds more tackle & rods than most tackle shops have.
  12. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    This is the first truck I have owned with an automatic transmission. All my other trucks were standard..I like the ato better..Iam thinking about putting a k-n air filter on it cost 55 bucks but they are are supposed to add horsepower and increase fuel milage, anybody tried them?..They are good for tem years and a million miles.
  13. I bought a 2003 Ranger Super Cab Edge package loaded with just about every option available. I've drove the truck everywhere - already put 25,000 miles on it. I pull my boat weekly and use 4X4 often and I've had no problems. I traded in a Dakota and have been much happier with the Ranger so far.

    I've never been brand specific - I've had 2 S-10 pickups, a Dakota, and now a Ranger. I like the Ranger the best after slightly more than 1 year of ownership.
  14. I have them on both vehicles, Ford Explorer v-6 and Sport Trac v-6. They seem to work and will pay for theirselves over a period of time if you keep the vehicle long enough to pack on the miles. I really like how easy they are to clean and rejuvinate. I seem to get better mileage than other Sport Trac owners I have talked with but that may be my style of driving versus theirs.
  15. I and my friends all run them on our mustangs street, street/strip/ and purely strip cars. I don't notice much of a difference but not having to replace air filters is a plus. The gains maybe more noticable on a more stock vehicle but when I put mine in it went in with a cold air kit, headers, off road exhaust, underdrive pullies, and an electric fan. The indivdual performance gains and gas milage(like I want to keep track of that in the stang :rolleyes: ) I am un sure of