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my new stratos is in!!

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by mikeshookset, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. well my new stratos 201 came in to day and it looks sweet with the 250xs merc on the back i pick it up next friday. i am going to use the 1999 stratos that vics set me up with in next thursdaynite tourny since my new one wont be broke in yet. i have used this 1999 for 8 weeks and have not had one proublem out of it!! if any one is looking for a used bass boat this one is nice any one looking at newboats and wants to see a 201thats laid out stop at vics mine will be there till friday.
  2. Get em Michael! Go team Stratos! We'll talk more later- boat was here right on time eh!? I'm goona have to get a 300 next year now ;) Youll toss a Bullet outa the water with that rig- hook up the kill switch man!!!!


  3. yep nip it came in a timeley fasion i couldnt be more happy with vics sports center and stratos boats. every thing went just as they said it would and vics really took care of me during the wait.
  4. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    what kind of speeds are we talkin here... mid 80's possible 90? what prop are you gonna run on it?
  5. well there was one that was tested on tappen last year that gps at 83mph. i am not sure what prop i am gonna end up with on it i am gonna try several differant ones to see wich works best on this boat. when i find the one i like best i will post it here.i dont expect to see 90 mph out of it but if i do i sure wont complain lol
  6. That's going to be a nice boat!! My guess is maybe 78gps if it's propped right.
  7. Come on Bill... thats an Opti Merc racing XS on a Alan Sintson Stratos hull - 80 with two guys and a load- take out the batts, gear and light gas, it'll be a mid80's eye ball roller :eek:

    That motor could even make a Triton go fast, not as fast, but fast ;)

  8. well the gps will tell the story soon proubly one day next week after its broke in i am picking it up at 9 am friday and going straight to the lake and staying on the lake till well after its broke in. then i will still take it easy for a few more days i fiqure about next tuesday i will give it all it has. i will post its speed and what prop i had on it. any way ya look at it with this hull and motor this boat has no choice but to be fast
  9. ...i once heard a 200proxl with a 225 opti and nip at the helm could do 78-80mph gps, but that was apparently incorrect.
  10. you are never going to get to drive now!

    Oh... I forgot to tell you about the new props I got Monday, nevermind- I'll just keep them for next years model.

    Kids these days, dont you got studyin' or something to do? ;)

  11. haha

    Just keeping you in check...making sure you can take what you deal. Mid 70's is already more than I can handle. Can't wait til my foot is on the throttle!

    So about these new props....

    And where are my three props...I was thinking about taking the 4 blade (26 pitch) in and seeing what can be done with it.

    Alright...back to studying. Have to make sure I graduate and start working so I can afford my toys.
  12. i must say i am extremely eager to get into my new stratos next spring

    mike - i'll be pushing the 225 opti on the back of my 200xl for everything she's got to keep your 201 in sight. someday i might be able to make that step up to a 201.

    see ya on the water!
  13. well udbasser you will like your stratos and dont worry i wont run to far ahead of ya lol we stratos owners gotta stick together lol i have the first 3 hrs on mine so far and cannt wait to really be able to open it up and run lol but with the type of money i have invested in it i am making sure the break in is done right. i have the 26 pitch prop on it and it seams to be begging to open up it comes right up on plane at 5000 rpms i have throttle and all kinds of trim to go yet this 250xs is rated to run at 6300 rpm from what i have seen so far this boat will have no proublem running 80mph
  14. But if we are in it for speed... why not a Bullet or Allison or even a Norriscraft? A bullet or Allison with a 250xs would surely be faster. Lets not forget Ride,Quality,Durability and fishability.

    Enjoy it but dont get caught up in the little things....You have to catch fish...anybody with money can buy a fast boat. Catching fish is another thing.

    All the speed in the world wont take you to the fish if you are headed in the wrong direction.

    Nothing like a new boat!
  15. well shysterorange i agree with most every thing you say. speed dont catch fish anyone with money can buy fast boats. there are differant boats for differant people. i looked at ride durabilty quality and fishablity when i bought my stratos and i felt that dollar for dallor it had all of em. thru out my post i havent knocked bulletts allisons they are quality boats for sure . but the proff is in the pudding if mishandled they can be destroyed also a bullet was flipped on west branch last week and even that hull twisted. as far as catching fish i wont say anything i will just let my live wells tell that story lol
  16. Tell em Austin! They won't go where my boat can go! ;)
  17. who said we're trying to catch fish...i just like to scare my partners and nonboaters!
  18. hey ud basser when you get done with those partners and nonboaters send em to me i wanna have some fun also lol
  19. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    no boat will go where a G3 will...gotta love the TIN!
  20. I'd buy a Ranger!

    Congrats on the New Boat