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    Picked up my first M1A - M14 this week, Its a USGI parts rifle, TRW bolt, Op Rod, Trigger housing, Hammer, Chrome lined Barrel, walnut stock with DOD, Brookfield Precision spring guide on a 2001 Springfield Inc reciever. Went to the range today, was able to pop clay birds at 200yds even in a pretty good crosswind. Can't wait to shoot her in decent weather.
  2. Nice looking thunderstick you got there. Welcome to the M1A club, I bet you will be very satisfied with that rifle. Now ya got to load you up some 168 & 175 grain Hollow point boat tails and back off abouyt 4-600 yards.
    I have the same rifle except mine has the SS bbl and Harington & Richardson parts, I love it.

  3. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    Deadwood, what scope mount are you using? I have been looking at a Sadlak but not really sure if thats the mount to use or what glass. 200yds is as good as I can do without help from optics
  4. Orlando the mount is the Springfield Armory Mount (3rd generation), I have read a few bad reports on this mount, but I have ran better than a thousand rounds with it and never had a problem. In fact I like it very much. I picked it up at Vances in Columbus a couple years back for like $49.00. The rings are Burris, (don't know the number right off but can look it up if you want) and the scope is a Swift 8-32X50 . It is an awsome Coyote getter but not very fur frienly.
    By the way, if you age planning to reload for that puppy, shoot me a pm.
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    awesome guns! I only only got cheaper surplus weapons like a ak-47, yugo sks with bayonet and a mauser 8mm
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    Went back to the range today and wind was gusting even worse at 20mph. Managed to get this group, prone position with surplus ammo. Cant wait for a calm day
  7. nice looking hotrod you have there. sure would make a nice s-h-t-f rifle. I really would like one myself. here is a picture of my new to me enfield.

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    Oh it will be a SHTF all right, thats if my wife finds out I bought another rifle!!