My luck stinks!

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  1. My luck stinks and I want to vent about it. 1st day of deer gun season and my baby sitter gets sick and I get messed out of hunting. So here it is 7pm at night..night before the big day and i'm calling every person I can think of and no one can baby sit. I can thank the schools too for this one. They close monday for deer season so the teens can go out.

    ugh just venting. It's not fair. Of course hubby is still going out. No reason we should both suffer. So I'll just make him a big pot of chili soup and hope he gets his deer.

    I might get to go out tuesday but only after the kids get to school..only problem is they're calling for snow showers tomorrow night. My luck school will close for tuesday LOL!

    I had gone to the store earlier and my bill rang up $6.66 I should have bought another item eh?
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    putting things into perspective, i have a close friend who died and he won't be able to hunt. chances are you will have part of this season and many more. not being a smart-aleck, but things will get better for you.

  3. yes they will. and mom is doing better. but I won't let her baby sit even though she is feeling better. see my 7 yr old had cancer and she can't be around sick people. So I take no chances and once again I take a back seat.

    I guess that's why I am down. I have lost a lot of my life due to a 16 yr bad marriage (got rid of him and got me a new man), and lost a lot to living in the hospital and dealing with cancer for the last 4 yrs with my baby.

    I feel overwelmed b/c all I do is care for others and well "mom" could use some "me time" some "fun" time.

    I am bumbed but I do realize there will be other days but then again who knows when our time will be up. so to sayi will have another day is not necesarily true b/c I might not. Your friend doesn't. I am so so very sorry for your loss.

    Thanks for trying to cheer me up. It's not like I am all that upset..I'm a woman..we like to talk about our problems lol. some call it -itching, lol.

    truly sorry for your loss. I know there are some others on here who are going thru surgeries, and illnesses. I hope they get well soon.

    I just want to hunt is all.

    it's raining here. husband says it won't be a good hunting day due to weather so I should not be upset.
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    definately will keep you and your young one in my prayers. life doesn't seem fair at times, but in my fifty-some years, i have come to know that there are no leave-it-to-beaver families. i, too, will be unable to hunt this year, but hopefully i have next. keep your chin up and life will never beat you.
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    I agree with rap man life is not fair but you must keep the faith and things will prevail as time heals wounds. Keep on plugging. Our prayers are with you also.
    I get tied down myself with my wife of 33 yrs fighting cancer at 55, a son with two little ones, that got an infection and they had to cut his leg keeps going. So keep your chin up and moving forward. Tell the 'ol man when he gets back that ya hope he froze all day and he'll appreciate that hot bowl of chili more.:)
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  6. I"D SAY your luck is runing pretty darn GOOD . you can;t go . and its gonna be a wet nasty day . now how much better could it be??????????? it could be a nice calm day 45degrees , [now that would be a bummer day. if you could not go. lol
  7. LOL. yeah raining pretty steady here. It could be worse I could be one of those people out there camping in this weather. that would suck.

    see there are people out there worse of than me. feels good to vent though lol.
  8. I had a choice - take either last friday off (and spent with my family) or take today off for the 1st day of shotgun.............

    Well, after driving into work this morning in the cold and RAIN - I'm glad I chose to take last friday off!!!!

    by the way - used friday off to winterize (sniff, sniff) the boat and get it all put away...........
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one missing out on today. Husband worked 10 hr shift and decided it was too wet to go out today too. So, he's sleeping and me, my girls and my mom (who is all better) are going to the movies.

    Husband and I can go hunting tomorrow. When there's better weather.
  10. Lewis


    Dont feel bad.
    I think a lot of hunters took the day off.
    I live in Guernsey county near the Muskingum county line.
    I went out and sat in the rain for 3 hours this morning and did have 8 different does walk under my bucks!
    I'll tell you though...the deer dont even know its gun season.
    I didnt hear a shot near me this morning.
    You should have good action tomorrow.
  11. reelmanly

    reelmanly Set The HOOK!!!!!!!!

    Since the day was shot to hell so to say when the old man gets home have him put on some of those Reindeer antlers people buy and wear at Christmas time, He can prowl around the house do some snorting and grunting and some rutting noises, now that should get you excited, ya can pretend to shoot him or just staklk him or ya can give the kids some pots and pans and they can drive him around the house, once ya bag him ya can field strip him, then ya can even eat him! I take it your on private property so who cares about a tag, all is not lost! Make the best out of the worst. And have a nice day or night,
  12. That sounds awesome lol! Never thought about that. My husband has a great sense of humor so he'd play along.

    I could take the doe and buck heads off the wall and chase him thru the house lol. and he has antlers too. I could duck tape them to his head lol.

    TY for making me laugh.

    I'd definately like to play some reindeer games...when the kids are not ehre. LOL!