My late March20th Report -

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    Thanks to all with ideas for fishing on March20th.

    Left in the morning and stopped at Huntington Beach.
    Not only was it way cold with the wind off the lake, but the north wind pushed all the ice ashore overnight.

    Seeing as how we couldn't even get to soft water, we moved on with the kayaks to the Avon Power plant. Even that was pretty much locked with ice
    from that north wind. Even if we could've got the yaks in, it would've been dangerous - the wind was still shoving sheets of ice into shore.
    Avon is weird anyhow - fences all over the dang place that make no sense and a payphone at the end of the pier?!

    That's my bud Joe in the pic. He looks cold.

    Back to the Jeep for a sammich and a beer, errrr, soda pop.
    Now we're pretty dumbfounded. Every lake is skimmed with ice, every river, creek and ditch is blown out.

    We decided to just keep heading west - it looked sunnier that way any how.
    Ended up putting the yaks in at Cold Creek. We were out of the wind and it actually seemed about 20 degrees warmer in the sun.

    We ended up catching some nice rainbows -sorry no pics, we were busy fishing by then. I"m a klutz and didn't want to drop my phone overboard anyhow....
    My bud Joe set his rod down when we first launched and left his K.O.Wobbler
    spoon in the water while he was putzing around in the yak. Next thing I know, he's got a fish on?? After a rather strong fight, pulling his kayak around in circles :p , he found out he had somehow tail snagged a huge carp with his spoon when it swam by!

    Even Cold Creek was muddy that day, but we still managed fish, thankfully.
    I've never seen the current blowing that hard - it was actually a lil workout getting upstream with the yaks. The big shad are coming in also,

    All in all, we we're happy to just be able to find somewhere to fish!

    That's around the 28 th year in a row for us fishing March 2oth!
    Wasn't the warmest, wasn't the coldest. We caught fish!

    :) :) :)
  2. glad to here ya got out. that was a pretty crapy day [weather wise] you still had more fun than me! i was hoping to here that you got into the power plant. better safe than sorry!!! nice pix....

  3. creekcrawler

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    We were hoping to get in at Avon, but the sheet ice was gnarly.
    I've been known to pull some crazy stunts, but we figured we better
    play it safe. Besides, that wind was howling off the lake.

    We were just happy to find some where to fish!:)
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    creekcrawler.........Nice to keep those streaks goin.......thats a whole bunch of years.....and I hope life is good enough to you, that it will continue for many more to come.......even better, you managed to catch some fish.... I enjoyed your post man.....good fishin to you guys this season.....Jon Sr.