my kind of parent!!!

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    this lady knows the meaning what it takes to be a GOOD parent.
    sometimes tough love is what it takes to raise them right.
    my suspicions are that when her son grows up he'll be able to see how much she cared about him and thank her.
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    i love it thats awsome

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    kinda reminded me of myself when i was 18 and still in had given me his 56 olds with certain "strings" attached.i snuck in late one night after some partying,and my he was waiting in the kitchen with all the lights out;)
    here i am with that deer in the headlights look :eek: and he demanded the keys.well,feeling much bigger and badder with the aid of alcohol,i put them in my shirt pocket and invited him to try to take "MY" keys:rolleyes:
    after i picked myself up off the floor in my now "pocketless" shirt,my sister,who had been watching(and laughing under her breath),questioned my poor judgement in challenging dad..................................and when i sobered up,so did i:confused:
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    I wish more parents were like her. Maybe we wouldn't have all the crap we have going on in this world. I say give her the Nobel Peace Prize for making a statement that is is alright to discipline your kids in this great "Political Correct" world of ours. :eek:
  5. And I thought i was mean!!! Went to where my daughter was staying,knocked on the door told her she had 2 mins to get her stuff out of the car.Loaded it on a tow dolly and hauled it to its new owner : )
  6. That's the reason you don't put the booze under the seat. It always goes in with the spare tire. DUHH!!!!! :D

    Like my mom always told me "You live under my roof, you play by my rules." I guess this mom wasn't messing around. Sucks to be her son. I guess he better get a job to buy his own car now.
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    what a rookie mistake. never leave your contraband in the car!
  8. I am thankful my parents were on this DRUG thing
    They Drug me to church.
    they drug me to school.
    a few times when I had got into trouble at school dad also drug me out of bed in middle of the night after he got home from work and we had what was refered to as "prayer service". Then next day mom Drug me into principals office.
    I am very thankful I had "non political correct" parents,
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    Wow, seems excessive to me, but still a very orginal punishment I doubt he'll soon forget.
  10. I am proud to say that parent reminds me of ME. GREAT JOB MOM
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    Maybe an overstatement, but it might be a 50/50 chance she saved his life or someone else's!
  14. My dad had a way of setting a curfew without setting a time I had to be home. His method was calling out"Son get out of that bed we have hay to move out of the field and into the barn" And at 5:30 am and you have been out all night, well I learned that no matter what happened dad or mom could always find "good for the back" jobs the morning after I came in late.

    That mother did as most should do. She needs a stranger to just tell her nice job.