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  1. them Belmont boys, what a freakin game... first time in 9 years i havent filled out a bracket cause i was just plain out lazy and didnt want the stress of picking teams lol, but that game sure raised my blood pressure... but it will happen one of these days when i get to see a big time team lose it, just like uconn almost coughed one up a few years ago...
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    Duke's not gonna make it too far this year. It seems like they barely make it through the first round the past few years. I had them winning on my bracket, but was definately rooting for Belmont.

  3. This may cause a stir so let me start off by saying that I only follow OSU basketball and the tourney. I saw the post and watched the game and notice that Duke's team looked funny to me so I went on the schools site and my thoughts were correct.

    The Duke team is over 60% white which to me appears to be in stark contrast to the overwhelming majority of NBA teams and NCAA teams that i've seen play to this point. Not to say that white kids cannot play basketball but look at the rankings of recruits and I have to ask if majority of top basketball recruits are black, why Duke a top programs with a legendary past is 60% white. I'm not sure why but it looks to me like Coack K has trouble recruiting the black athlete, couple that the the amount of whites in basketball shrinking and you have a real problem.

    What are your thoughts???
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    You might want to start by comparing Duke to other ACC schools.
    And BTW, did you notice the makeup of the Belmont team...?
  5. Thats part of my point in talking the makeup of these teams. Duke is lightyears away from Belmont and should have no problem getting who they want to play there as opposed to Belmont where its kind of like beggars cant be choosers situation. I'll get back tonight with a ACC breakdown.
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    Coach K has led his team to three NCAA Championships, 10 Final Fours (third most in history), and 10 ACC Championships over 28 seasons at Duke. Krzyzewski has an NCAA-record 68 NCAA tournament victories, while averaging more than 25 wins per season. He has also coached an NCAA record nine 30-win seasons in his tenure. Sixty-one of the 65 four-year players under his tutelage since 1986 have competed in at least one Final Four. On March 1, 2008, Mike Krzyzewski became the 6th men's basketball coach in NCAA history to reach the 800 win plateau.

    He must be doing something right in his recruiting.....
  7. Here is the % of whites on ACC mens basketball teams.
    Duke - 61.5
    N. Carolina - 43.5
    Clemson - 33.3
    Florida State - 38.5
    GT - 21.4
    Maryland - 21.4
    Miami - 20.0
    NC State - 26.6
    VT - 14.3
    Virginia - 29.4
    Wake Forest - 33.4
    BC - 30.8

    All the figures are rounded up if rounded at all and I did include hispanic players into the white category just for the sake of making my point stronger.
  8. Not in any way trying to say anything negative about Coach K here, just trying to figure out why there is a glaring lack of black players in comparison to other programs. Watching the game it stood out like sore thumb to me and it could be as simple as academic requirements but you cant ignore the numbers I posted below.

    One could also say that the two best teams in the ACC are the teams that have the largest percentage of white players.
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    Having 60% of whites on a Division I basketball team is a very rare occasion. Shall we ask why Georgetown is predominately black. IMO there's no rhyme or reason...except one thing, white people can't jump!!:p