My First time with a flyrod...

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  1. Last night was my first time on the water with a fly rod and it was an experience.

    I talked my Dad into letting me "borrow" his old fly rod for something to do and the thing is older than me (I'm 30). He spent about 10 minutes showing me how to lift the line and cast without hooking myself in the ear. I took the rod home and spent about one hour practicing over the next couple days. I was ready to go fishing (queue laughter).

    I grabbed the rod and hit the water, within 15 minutes of hitting the water I lost 3 flies, hooked the back of my shirt, got tangled in the grass and bushes behind me about ever 3rd cast, and managed to spend more time untangling myself than in the water. Why would anyone in their right mind do this? I'm ready to head back to the car and grab my 5'6" ultra light for some real blue bill fishing.

    Then it happened, a blue gill hooked himelf on my popper (I had nothing to do with it). By some combination of lifting the rod tip, stripping the line and the fish swimming straight at me I landed him. It was a small palm sized bluegill but felt like a monster. My heart was racing and I had a huge grin on my face. I left the water shortly after that fish and spent the rest of the night thinking about that little disturbance in the water when the fish took the popper, in fact I had a dream about it.

    I'm hooked...

    If I have another time on the water like last night and I'll probably hurt myself or the rod. I've watched some videos and borrowed a book that tells about the equipment, but I think I'll need someone to show me.

    Is there anyone is around Akron/Goodyear heights that wants to show me the basics. I can't really afford professional lessons but I'm past the point of putting down the flyrod and going back to a bobber/worm.
  2. Mike - will never be the same again!! Your experience will be remembered right up there with your first car, your first girlfriend, your first kiss! Seriously, flyfishing is a journey that will hold many great memories for you as the years go by. Not only great memories, but a lot of surprises.

    I will never forget the first trout I caught on a flyrod...anyway...welcome to the fraternity of fellow flyfishers...and best of luck to you. Unfortunately, I live in the western part of Ohio, but I'm sure there are folks on the site who might be willing to hook up with you to help you out.

    I would suggest reading books and magazine articles, and if you can get hold of some of the instructional videos, they can be a great help as well. Most of all, there is no substitute for experience on the water. Go get 'em!!

  3. Fly fishing is different for sure...suits me fine, I like to fish bluegills and some nice 9-10" bruisers on a 2 or 3 wt will entertain me for hours.

    I have been getting TONS of crappie lately but not near as much fun as a fiesty gill.
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    great job! glad you didn't give up. I've read this forum and others and got some videos and books from the library. I think this really helped me out in the long run because so far i haven't hooked myself and never really got too many tangles. I learned alot of knots and i even caught a few fish. boy you are right. once you catch a fish then man you are hooked! i caught a small largemouth my 1st time and some bluegills and lots of creek chubs or shad after that. i can't even imagine hooking into a monster trout or catfish! to me the bluegills fought hard lol. keep it up you will get used to it. i actually like fly fishing more than i like regular fishing now. believe me i will still use my boat to walleye and perch fish but other than that i will be hitting the rivers alot this summer too. heres a tip. try a tan hares ear nymph with a strike indicator about 2 feet above it. cast it and let it drift naturally with the water. and hang on. boy do some big gills tear those things up! its kinda like fishing with a bobber but way funner.
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    well, there are several people on this list up that way. If no one answers your request, I am only about an hour away from Akron U (takes me about 50 minutes to campus), and would gladly show you the basics of casting, what role the leader plays, and so on. Keep in mind I am no fly-fishing guru, but I do catch fish, not myself. Use PM if no one else responds. Next weekend should be free for me.
  6. Mike,
    I'm just about 1/2 hour away in Canton. Shoot me a PM & I'll help as much as I can. Got to LOVE those fly rod gills! I also have extra gear, so if you want to try 'em on a 3wt, we can do that too.
  7. Mike,

    There is a certain degree of pure eloquence associated with the process of fly fishing--from crafting life-like bugs of fur and feathers to presenting these creations with subtle precision. Of course most of us, I would wager, fall somewhere between beginner and expert on the experience continuum. Where one begins only serves as a point of departure. Luckily, there are many great people who promote the sport of fly fishing through education.

    Nothing is better than one on one instruction, but there are some great websites dedicated to fly casting on "the internets." One of my personal favorites is from across the Atlantic: Also, Joan Wulff's Fly Casting Techniques is a wonderful text to consult.

    Good luck!
  8. thanks ohiotuber so i'll try and get ah old of one of you for setting something up around the 9th. this weekend is going to be too busy for fishing :(
  9. Sounds great. Just try to give me at least a couple days notice as things tend to get hectic in a hurry around here, UNLESS I have already planned a trip.
  10. funny you say that i think my plans for next week have been axed already.. what a week :(
  11. try casting with no hook on in your yard. You'll get the feel for what works and what doesn't.

  12. thats what i've been doing.