My first steelhead!!!

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bassmaster76, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Caught this beauty yesterday in the Chagrin River. Measured 30.25 inches. Caught it on a little cleo. I'm hooked:B
  2. Erterbass

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    That is a beauty for your first steelie...Now you'll be obsessed with catching #2 ;)


  3. Nice fish! I am going to try and get my first this year too.
  4. hardwaterfan

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    holy heck thats one nice "first". congratulations!
  5. That aint even right! I've caught lots and lots of steel but have yet to land one over 30"...and here your first steelie ever is over 30"! :p

    Congratulations on your first catch, and a great catch at that! I hope you hook into many more in your near future.

  6. Thanks guys! The thought of hanging up the gear for another 5 months finally got to me so I took up steelhead fishing and I love it. If I took that steelie to Japan I think they may have made me the Emperor:p I released the fish as I normally do.
  7. hell of a first. Your definitely hooked. Enjoy it.
  8. That's a nice looking fish. Was it dark out, or does your camera just suck? :)
  9. My camera battery was dead (go figure). My friend took the pictures with his. I'll take you bass fishing and we'll wager $1000.00 for the big fish of the day. Then I can buy myself a great camera:p
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    well since the first time you went steelheading you picked up that monster on spinning gear i would say karma might cost you that $1000 rather than get you a new camera. You might be spoiled now most steel are not that large.
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    if you dont mind, where on the chagrin were you? i always fish the dam with great success. just curious..
  12. Nice fish and I completely identify with the 'hanging up the gear for 5 months thing'...It drives me insane every winter and I'm pretty sure the wife can't stand me between December and April. I'm seriously thinking about taking up steelhead fishing myself. Are the crowds bad? That would definitely be a negative for me. How long and far up the rivers do they run?


  13. The crowds arent that large. It may seem that way when you first start but you will find spots to get away from the crowd. As for how long they run, i would say there was maybe 3-4 weeks last year that i couldnt fish. I would recommend it, you will most likely fall in love with it if you dont mind the weather.
  14. Very nice fish congrats, you are hooked for life
  15. Ive caught a few off little cleos in the chagrin myself this year and my biggest was 23" I'll just keep trying..... lol
  16. No respectable fisherman has an off-season! :p I fish all year long, and actually winter is my favorite time of year for fishing...lots of steel in the rivers with fewer anglers out in the cold. The most popular easy access spots may get crowded, but you can almost always get away into relative seclusion if you just do a little walking. The steelhead will run as far up the streams as they can. Steelhead have been known even to swim up into little roadside drainage ditches that connect to larger streams. You can find good numbers of steel in the streams into May. Read through all the old posts in the 'Steelhead Talk' forum, and then go fishing.

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    Take it easy bad ass I highly doubt any1 wants to bet a $1000 on a heads up bass tourney, Nice fish though
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    zach, it sounded to me like he meant that in fun only. ;)
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    Heck of a first steelhead! Great fish! Also, I just wanted to say that when I do plan on releasing a chromer, I try not to handle the fish by the gills at all. One good tailflop and you can kill a fish instantly. Also, be forewarned, steelhead fishing is addictive!