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My first Decent Buck

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by AEFISHING, Oct 17, 2004.


    AEFISHING Crappie Freak

    I went to Eastern Kentucky to hunt with my wifes brother for opening day of muzzeloader. I spooked one when I was walking out on Saturday night but didn't get a shot. We went back this morning and nothing was coming my way. I decided to go walk around but didn't see anything. I was at the top of this big hill around 11:00am. I decided to walk down the path I saw one on the night before. I was walking really slow and I noticed some fur between two trees down in the gully. It was a bedded deer. I shot and he stood up and looked around and then went back and laid down. I reloaded laying on my belly not to be spotted. I was probably 75 yards above him on a ridge. I had a small pocket to place the shot. I shot again and he got up and looked around. I reloaded on my belly again and looked down the gully and couldn't see him. I stood up thinking he was probably gone when I spotted him between two trees. I shot and he flipped over and started kicking. I watched him a little while and he wasn't moving. I decided to walk down the hill and get my wifes brother and dad. They came and we went back to get him but he was gone. No blood, nothing. We decided he may have went down the gully further. He did and is rack was hooked around a tree. Lucky he didn't go to the bottom of the gully or we would have never got him out. It took all three of us and a lot of breaks to get him out. I learned that you have to aim low when you are shooting down at a deer. I wasn't used to hunting hills since I have only hunted northern Ohio. It was a day to remember. It should be nice mount. I will post a picture when i get them developed.
  2. Congrats..............How many points ? Take care................Rich

  3. Great story A227986. That's the second story I have heard where a guy can reload on a whitetail and both were from Kentucky hunts. Those deer are more laid back I think....or else somewhat tame.
    My nephew dropped two in a row last year with muzzleloader in western Kentucky (LBL). He reloaded once on the first one and twice on the second one. They were standing next to each other. The first one went down in his tracks and the second one did not even react to she went down shortly thereafter. 4 shots whizzing by and she did not even budge.

    AEFISHING Crappie Freak

    It was a eight point. I guess I was shooting so high he didn't know where the sound was coming from. I was out of his view and smell so I think that is why he did move much. He wanted to stay in his bedding area. Once we scaled down the ravine you could see that was his home. Beds all over the place and tons of rubs.
  5. That explains it. I am just not able to be that sneaky. I get busted because I am so big and noisy I think.
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