My First Buck

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  1. I took my first buck saturday night with my Horton crossbow.I bought some doe pee from a local bow shop the owner of the shop said it was fresh from a deer farm in southern ohio. I put the doe pee on some cotton balls and put them in three spots about 15 yards around my stand.I got in my stand about 4:30 I would blow my grunt call 3-4 short blows then wait 20 min and give another 3-4 short blows on the third time blowing the grunt call I could hear a deer moveing toward me. This nice little guy stoped 15 yards from my stand to smell one of my doe pee cotton balls. I took the shot the arrow hit him just above the front shoulder and angled back toward his opposite back leg because of the angle I didn't get a pass thru.I had no blood trail at all because of the shot being high and the arrow not passing all the blood stayed in the deer.As the deer took off into the woods after the shot I could hear him running then the noise stoped. I figured he droped.After waiting a half hour I started going in circles covering a bigger area each time took me about an hour to find him just as it was getting dark man did I feel lucky to find him without a blood trail.He made it about 150 yards from my stand.

  2. Congrats! That's a good looking buck!

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    Nice buck good job!!!!!!!
  4. Not bad, Not bad at all. Best of luck in your future hunts.
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    Angler SS.....A well deserved "pat-on-the back" to you on your first BUCK.... Hope you continue to produce over the years to come...... Jon SR.
  6. Hey thats a good one for the area you were hunting good job
  7. Nice buck! Congrats on your first as well.
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    nice first buck, congrats.
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    Congratulations, good story, glad you found him!