My first big cat

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  1. Fished a private pond last night and caught my first big cat. I dont know how much it weighed but it was fat and about 35-40 inches long. I am attaching a pic of it. Not the best picture because i am holding about 18 inches of it with 2 hands just trying to hold onto it.
  2. where's the pic??? I want to see this monster cat!!! 35-40 inches is rather impressive.

  3. OS would i but i cann ot figure out how in the world to post a pic on here. any suggestions?
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    Photobucket, then link is the easiest. You could also just goto the photo gallery and then upload it there.
  5. There she is. I have no idea about weight. If anyone can estimate that would be cool

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  6. that hog looks like the lochness monster. NASTY!!! lol nice fish btw! but on size I\'d say it\'s more like 20 to 25 inches. Still, a niceeee catch
  7. A 40 inch catfish would be between 30 - 40 lbs
  8. Judgeing from the photo I would say you are about nine feet tall and 400 lbs.
  9. Ha..........Sweeet