My dumb motor question for the day

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by twistertail, May 18, 2005.

  1. My motor has an idle switch with about 8 or 10 setting from rich to lean. I know that it controls the fuel/air mixture but when do you run it rich and when do you run it lean?
  2. That's a good question. I have that same question. I know on my motor it says to have it rich (the highest) to start it and let it run and then back it down. My idle knob has an arrow and it says start under the 9 so I'm guessing that is where I turn it to and start it and then let it "warm" up and then back it down a little.

  3. Hey tiger, didnt you say you needed to clean your tank also? I got the kreem kit and finished it up last night and it looks pretty good. It makes it look like you painted the inside with white paint. What kind of motor do you have, seems like we have a lot of the same questions.
  4. I have two old Scott Atwater's. Did you save that kreem stuff? I was told you could probably get like 2-3 cleanings out of it. How much did it run you? I think I need to get some because I think some of the rust is getting down into the carb. :mad:
  5. Yep I still have the Kreem. It was about 30 bucks for the stuff. There was 3 bottles of stuff in the kit, one bottle to clean the rust out one to prep the tank and then the stuff that seals it that looks like thick white paint. I dont know that the first step did much, it was supposed to remove the rust but I got more out by filling the tank with soapy water and a hand full of gravel and just shook the crap out of it. Step 2 which is the prep I saved and the step 3 stuff which is the coating. I only used about a fourth of the coating so if you want it and the prep stuff we can work something out.