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  1. is about to be built, here is the question,

    What would you stock your dream pond with and why?

    Pond details, about 1 acre in size, approximately 12 ft deep , will have shallow banks for spawning beds, drop offs, points, beach and will have well water to supplement the water, no run off so water will be clear, cool and heavily oxygenated once I get a aerator out there next summer. Fish will be supplemented with feed for the at least the first year as well as several hundred pounds of fathead minnows.

    Im leaning towards largemouth, Hybrid Bluegill/Green Sunfish, channels and a handful of flatheads.
    I may also make the drive and get a couple hundred "Georgia Giants" (mutated bluegills)
    Also considering black crappies, pike, Hybrid Striped Bass and even perch.
    ( Ill probably put a few trout in over the fall and winter months)

    This is opening the can of worms but would like to hear folks thoughts regarding these other species which DNR does not reccomend.

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    no green sunfish
    big bull gills
    channel cats
    no pike, no flats (Unless you want everything to be eaten), no trout, no stripers (just a guess, but probably wouldn't survive)

    I'd also put a few mermaids in there, but only the ones they crossed with the Hooters girls. Get the southern variety.

  3. I thought perch was a no no in that small of a pond???
  4. My dad and I just put in a 1-2 acre pond. We were told by the DNR and from articles in "POND BOSS" magazine that these are the best to put in a small pond:

    Largemouth Bass
    Red Ear Sunfish
    Channel Cat

    And a whole lot of fathead minnows. I think initilally we put 1500 minnow in.

    They said that after a year or two you can expirement with other varieties. I am going to put a small saugeye or two in next year to see how they do. Our pond is spring fed, always cool and it fairly deep on one end ~ 25ft.
  5. If you want to grow big bass then I wouldn't put in Crappie or Flathead catfish. From all that I've read crappie in less than a 2 acre pond is not a good thing for bass. That's assuming your trying to grow big bass...if not then I don't see a problem with Crappie.
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    I would stock Flatheads and channel cats, and alot of bait fish to feed them.
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    My ex father in law stocked his small pond with small channel cats..He fed them for 8 years...the channels are now over 30-lbs.
  8. I also forgot to mention that we have had an explosion of tadpoles that are now small frogs. DNR guy says that they will be gone, or the number resuced drasticaially in two years... and we will have some FAT bass!
  9. Yes, I agree, perch will be a problem, first of all, to spawn, they need limbs to lay the eggs on, which isnt a problem, but keeping limbs in year after year becomes a problem when your trying to supplement the whole pond.

    I like Pike but know thell eat everything in site so I may bring in a few grass pickerell for the fun of it, I have access to many of those but wouldnt mind fining chain pickerel since they only top out at a few pounds. That would be cool.

    As far as trout goes, they would only be in to be caught through the fall winter and spring, not looking for any holdovers.

    As far as the flatheads goes, I enjoy catching them and would only put half a dozen in and probably smaller ones at that so I dont see a huge problem there. They typically dont spawn but might since Ill have a bunch of concrete tiles Im dumping in the botom of the pond

    Now, the largemouth population is the least of my worries, Id much rather have a trophy crappie and bluegill fishery then a handful of 5 lb bass.

    Ok, as far as the crappies goes, I know of a few ponds where the black crappie is the main panfish and they do great!! typically average about 1-12" and thick, Bluegills are fewer in numbers but are typically 7+" so I think they compete with each other.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the hybrid striped bass in ponds, most ponds I fish have them in there and they do well with the largemouth.

    Keep the comments coming!
  10. I d really like to have 4-5 ponds on a property and manage each one differently, one for moster gills, one with pike and perch, one with trophy cats and the last a hodgepodge of all, I think that would be cool.

    I am also thinking of building a 10 by 10 foot pond and doing nothing but growing minnows. I hear its the cheapest way to keep the real pond supplemented where you can add a few pounds of minnows every couple weeks forever with minimal feed or time or money invested.

  11. wow, this is so cool to have such a nice pond for yourself. The choice of perch really suprised me, back home people treat them the same like you treat carp here.

    So, basically, back home the first think you stock to your pond is carp and you always make sure that no any perch gets there. And I am perfectly serious with this, you can buy them here:

    So, in my opinion, perch eats tons of little fish and does not grow too big to be a good sport fish. On the other hand carp can be fed for VERY little money, grows fast and let me tell you, a small one, 2 pounder, is really really tasty IF IT COMES FROM A CLEAR WATER POND!

    Good luck and grow some monsters there!
  12. I built mine 3 years ago. A little over 1 acre, fed by a 12" field tile, so it rarely gets below normal pool. Stocked with crappies (now 11"+ and spawning successfully) perch (now 11"+ and spawning successfully) and Red-eared Sunfish (now 7-8" and spawning VERY successfully). Also put in about 15 Saugeye and 8 smallies to add to the fun. They are doing well, too. Added 1000 fatheads before the initial stocking and recently put 1000 more in to bolster the population. Building a pond and stocking it with species you enjoy catching is fun. All I have to do now is figure out where to mount the rod holders for trolling on the paddle boat ;)

  13. Hey Toolman, just curious if the crappies are black or White? and how many you initially stocked of each the crappies and the Perch. Also what types of spawning structures are you using for the perch? If I go with them, I may make some PVC Trees that will be permanently mounted on the bottom

    I assume you also have largemouth Bass, how are they responding?
    Any cats?

    Trust me, I wont put any carp in for some time and if I do, they will be a handful of grass carp only.

    Did I mention I would probably put in a few Bowfin and Long Nose Gar?? seriously...

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    Jurassic Pond!
  15. There's a reason why there's only a few recommended fish species for pond stocking. You certainly aren't the first to want a variety of fish in your pond, but the recommended fish are what have been proven to work well in small waters. It may seem good for a few years, but you could eventually have big problems with some species. Flatheads for example. Unless you only put in a FEW of the same sex, your gonna have big trouble eventually. Perch can also be trouble. Ours did great the first 4 or 5 years. The average fish was over 10", with 13"-15" common. Then they got overpopulated. Now the average fish is 4". :rolleyes: You have to determine if your willing to start over in 5-10 years if you experiments don't work. And, plan on them not working. If all these fish did well in ponds, everybody would have them.
  16. I wouldn't stock any of the "common" fish that most have suggested. You can catch those anywhere. Go for rare OH fish, hybrids of any sort, and oddities like gar and bowfin. Of course actual fish depend on water temps. If you have trees and cool inflow go for "cool water" species. I personally wouldn't dream of stocking lm bass, cats, etc. in my ideal pond. Skip the n. pike and grass carp and go for chain pickeral. stock wipers instead of lm bass. Fatheads alone won't cut it either - go for threadfin/ gizzard shad and chubs and suckers. I'd commit two years just to stocking forage species. Think of how many different types are in a decent stream. 99% of ponds suffer from having a sunfish only forage base.
  17. Yup, im torn here, becuase I d love to stock a little of everything, but that is not very realistic. The Gar might be cool to watch basking in the sun and will keep all my friends little kids from swimming when they come over, ;)
    They wouldnt spawn ( no running water) so a handful might be neat.

    Now if I can just get some Alligator Gar........ that would keep me out of the pond as well. :D

    Along these lines, anyone know where I coulkd get exotic species such as Chain Pickerel, Bowfin or flatheads? ( fish suppliers only please, I can handle the Late night stockings.)

  18. The hybrid stripers will tend to wipe out the crappie, learned this the hard way in my grandpas pond, also, i have heard that one regular smaller carp will plug any leaks in a pond, not sure how or why, but i was told this once.

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    you'll be sorry if you try the crappie, perch, flathead idea me.
  20. Salmonid,

    The crappies are White Crappies. Original stocking was 60 crappie (2-3") and 60 perch (3-4") and 60 shellcrackers (2-3"). There's a good year class of 5" crappie and a few 6-8" perch Shellcrackers seem to reproduce like rabbits, but supposedly only once per year, unlike bluegills, who reproduce up to 3 or so times per season. I've thinned out quite a few crappies and red-ears (shellcrackers) to my "other" pond (the one with carp and L-mouth). When the pond was constructed, I put in 4 x-mas trees, 3 pallet piles and a few rock piles and a gravel bar. Recently, I put 2 more x-mas trees in about 3 FOW and will place some pallets/boards in very shallow water for fat head spawn cover. My original intent was to keep this pond LM bass-free. Unfortunately, someone I allowed to fish in the pond thought they would do a good deed and "stock" a "couple" of LM for me. Since then I've caught 4 LM and released them to the other pond. I haven't stocked cats either. Thought about it, but there are at least two 4lb+ S'eyes as dominant predators. They won't hesitate to eat a 3-5" crappie ;) So far so good with keeping populations in check and growth rates, including crappie. I don't anticipate any problems, but I doubt anyone does when they begin an "experiment" like this.