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My dog cracks me up...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Reel Lady, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    This is so funny, I just had to share it with you. Rob, Zach and I had plans of going to Portage Lakes today.
    I spent all morning in our tackle boxes getting things consolidated and organized. Well, my dog Jake absolutely loves to go fishing, and whenever he sees us holding our tackle boxes or fishing poles, he starts his "Happy Hopping", and starts romping around with such enthusiasm. He assumes that he's about to go fishing with us.
    Rob started taking the (now organized) tackle boxes, fishing poles, and other misc. items out to the boat. (nope, not the new one...not yet...but very very soon)
    Ok, so here we are... Finally ready to head out and I ask Rob if he had seen Jake lately...He couldnt remember for sure when the last time it was that he actually saw him. Hmmm..ok, well until Jake was found, we weren't going anywhere. The 3 of us spread out in search of our Jake. Rob went into the woods behind the house, I stayed around our yard, and Zach head over to the quarry thats pretty close to our house. At this point, he had been gone for quite a while. Leaving this late for Portage Lakes was pretty much out of the question. :(
    Finally, I get a phone call from Zach from the quarry next door. He found Jake... Jake evidently thought that he would just beat us to our spot. And so patiently he sat.. and sat... and sat on the floating dock waiting for us to arrive with tackle in hand.
    You see, the last couple of times we went back to the quarry/pond, it was just too muddy to bring him with us, so we left him at home. I think this was his way of assuring himself that he wouldn't be left out!
    This was so unlike him to do anything alone. Sounds to me like he is obsessing on fishing...just like someone else I know :D
    We ended up getting our poles out of the boat, and just went back to the pond (since he was muddy anyway) Zach caught 4 Largemouths, Rob caught 5, and me.. well, I had 2 make that 2 NICE BITES! :p
    Jake was happy.. he got to lick some fish :D
    Tomorrow we will try again to head out to Portage Lakes, only this time, we will keep a much closer eye on Jake :)[​IMG]
  2. Mr.Bass.

    Mr.Bass. Banned

    lol reellady, hope you get out there tomorrow. I gave Rob a pm last night to give him some tips for Portages lakes. Good Luck

  3. Great story, that's pretty funny! Glad to see you guys had some luck at the pond today!
  4. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    Jake getting a chance to lick some fish reminded me of a Saint Bernard i had. He loved fish. He loved to eat them raw. Whenever I came home from fishing he would get all excited and I'd give him a fish or two to eat. He didn't fool around he would chomp them a couple times and swallow them down. One time i had several Walleyes in a five gallon bucket and as I was lifting the bucket out of the boat one of the Walleyes flopped out onto the ground. Before I could get down off the trailer Barry grabbed it chomped it a couple times and it was gone. The fish never hurt him but I think they made his coat shiny. He really loved them.
  5. Sounds like a dog with a mind of his own.