my dad gave me all of his tackle and fishing poles today

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  1. my dad hasn't really fished for a long time so he gave me all of his poles and tackle today. i got 5 poles from the 1970's,2 tackle boxes full of stuff, 8 reels. one of the reels is a vintage zebco 6 cardinal saltwater reel. some of the reels don't turn so my guess is they might need oiled. i am going to rebuild them all and respool them. i also got a coffee can full of saltwater sinkers and a vintage coleman latern which runs of the liquid fuel.i went to visit him today and he was cleaning his garage out and gave it all to me. only thing he kept was his saltwater combo and his ugly stick.
  2. Take your time refurbishing the tackle and then care for and use it for as long as you can. I have a number of solid steel rods and older level wind reels from my dad and uncle. The reels still have the nylon line on them. Most of the tackle is from the late 30's and 40's after WW2. Also have some old lures from their limited tackle box. I still have my original solid glass baitcaster with Nobby Reel which I take out now and then.
    Hope you have some time to use your Dad's tackle now and then.:)
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  3. Once a year I take only my dad's old baitcaster spooled wth dacron and his old tackle box with only his old lures and fish all day the way he fished. All this stuff is circa 1950.
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    The coolest thing I found in my dad's old tackle box was a snuff can full of black powder. I lost some eyebrows playing with that stuff. :)
  5. My father passed away in 1965 and I still have the majority of his tackle. My wife has built shadow boxes that I have on the wall in my Walleye room displaying his lures etc. I also have his rods and reels on the wall and they range from calcutta poles, steel poles, solid fiberglass and a couple hollow fiberglass. There are several Langly baitcasters and original Mitchell 300's.

    When I close the door and sip a brew while looking it over it is almost like having Dad back in the room.


    Thanks for all the fishing memories Dad and making fishing such a big part of my life today.
  6. My grandfather was a huge pike fisherman. He always went to lac suel (sp?) and silver water wheel and he past away last year and left me everything. I had no idea how much he had. Everything is in mint condition and a few lures have some pretty good teeth marks in them lol. As a kid I used to go up to lake erie with him for some walleye and he had older stuff then but I had no idea what he had. The coolest thing he left me was his fish that were mounted. One is a 12 pound bass his father caught and the other is a 15 pound bass he caught on their last fishing trip together.
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    I got 4 old rod & reel combos many years ago from uncle that passed away. Cleaned and lubed reels and it all works like new. When ever I fish from canoe I always take along 2 that have Mitchell 300 reels. Other than the gear ratio, I really like these reels! I don't think any reel I have purchased in the last couple years would even come close to matching these in terms of durability and I take pretty good care of my stuff!