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    As a hunter I would like to see the extra gun weekend closed and never brought back. This would allow the deer a bit more time to settledown for bow hunters and those of the late season muzz hunt.

    I bowhunt all season... and after gun they are so spooked it is hard to get one close... then 2 weeks later we light up the woods again with this added weekend.... which further spooks deer, driving them nocturnal.

    Anyone aggree with me or are the deer where I hunt in need of prozac? Or am I the one in need of some chill pills? :p
  2. Let me see. The gun hunters get 9 days. You as a bow hunter get 4 months. It sounds to me like the gun hunters would have more of an argument than you on that one.;)

    I am mostly a bow hunter as well but I am able to accept that the sluggers can have their few days to hunt.

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    i vote for number 3:D

    geeze,the deer foru is starting to sound like the steelhead forum lately:rolleyes:
  4. If the bow kill continues to rise (especially antlerless) the extra weekend gun season may not be necessary. The extra season is a population control method and it also allows hunters to hunt a couple extra days without taking off work.

    The deer are no doubt on edge after last week, but they still need to eat, drink and rest. Change your tactics a bit and get after them - I have taken a couple real good ones in late bow season, it just gets tougher.

    Also, in some areas of SW OH the deer aren't pressured all that much during gun week. I watched a 6 point and two does feed calmly off the edge of a field last Friday during the season.

    Get out there and hunt close to bedding and feeding areas and it just may surprise you!
  5. Wow, that is a strong accusation!!:D
  6. I am primarily an archery hunter. I like the idea of the second weekend for gun. I gives some time for people who don't like the mass hysteria of the single week. As for disrupting the deer movement well I personally don't want to hunt deer in late Dec early Jan. The beauty of bow season is the last week of October and the first 2 weeks of November if you can't fill your tag or bag your big buck by then the odds greatly reduce after Thanksgiving of that happening anyway. If you take the 5-12 of November off and hunt it solid for that week you will realize that you can take up ice fishing which we all know is a pretty good time.

    Disclaimer: I am not bashing gun hunters for at times I am one of those also. There is also no intent of insulting anyone. I can neither confirm or deny ever breaking a law as it relates to hunting for I believe I am ethical. I cast no stones only crankbaits. If I find a shed in the woods I pick it up as I would if I were to find a fossil or arrowhead for I believe that the rightful owners of those can't complain either. End of rant. But this thread is probally going to be another good one.
  7. Use your muzzle loader for gun season then you can hunt before the extended weekend. Problem solved.
  8. I am an archery hunter who has at times taken a shot gun or muzzle loader out and I don't mind the extra weekend for those hunters that would rather gun hunt. BKR is right on the money! Be thankful our laws are not like Michigans where the gun season is during the rut!!!! I just stay home for a few weeks and let others enjoy the woods and pick it back up for the last 3 weeks of archery season.

    Nice disclaimer Squid !!!!!!
  9. its real simple to hunt pressured deer.Find the thickest cover you can and then find the closest food source and camp at sun up and sun down.
  10. Bow hunter here, but I still love the extended season.
  11. I'll go one better..

    Gun season should be limited to the use of only muzzle loaders and/or slug guns plugged to only hold one shot.
  12. Oh yeah, one more.

    Deer drives should be outlawed
  13. I use a single shot so I'm all for that one.
  14. I have used an 870 for years and this year hunted with an 11-87. It only takes one shot. If you are unloading your gun on a deer you probably need to spend more time at the range learning how to shoot. This years doe, one shot, open sites, 95 yards, never took another step. With that being said I still like the idea of having a back up round just in case.
  15. I agree...having the back-up shot is nice. The Doe I shot only took one shot at 55 yards.
  16. My gun deer took 1 shot also- 9yds (+-1yd). I knew I should have brought my bow;)
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    I only carry my muzzleloader so I am always limited to one shot. It's more accurate and has a longer range. But I feel that is all I need anyway. I took my doe at 117 yards(rangefinder) and put it right through both lungs. If you only have one shot you tend to make it "count" more often than if you know you have three.

    I always get excited trying to get a deer after the gun seasons but it hasn't happened for me yet. It is tough when the deer are super spooky or nocturnal and there are 200,000 less to chase than when the season began. All the dumb ones have already died.
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    it's sure starting to look like it's gonna be a loooooooong winter!!:)
  19. Come on ice!!!:D:D
  20. I have a woods that is Bow Only Hunting because that is what the landowner wants. This is a big plus for me, yes the deer are extra spooky, I just move my stand a little higher, but the deer are packed in this woods thats to no Gunners.