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My comments to The National Weather Bureau

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Shortdrift, May 2, 2004.

  1. I sent the following and wonder if and what reply I might receive. I'll post whatever I get back.

    The Lake Erie and surronding area predictions have been a total failure this year. You can be setting on the lake in the exact area that is being broadcast and the information is completely wrong as compared to what is being experienced. Saturday, May 1st was a classic example. The broadcast was announcing SSW wind with 1 to 3 foot waves. We were on the Lake and it was WNW winds with three to four foot waves! This is a regular occurance and I ask: Where is the weather being observed and what means are being used to monitor ir? This has been going on all spring and is a poor reflection on your system as well as those responsible for maintaining a current report.

    Lets see what they say. :rolleyes:
  2. JV1


    last year fished many days on flat as glass lake when 3-4's were predicted then vice versa , i agree the marine forcast it way off, i could do a better job guessing sometimes

  3. catking

    catking Banned

    It's a known fact that the Cincinnati area in which I live, is a hot bed for bad predictions as far as weather goes. We live on the "vein" where the cold air meets the warm air,usually right along the Ohio river. I would venture to say the reports are around 70 % wrong throughout any givin month. And it's getting worst. Some people might not agree, but the answer to me is simple. Our weathern patterns are fouled up because of the pollution we all live in. We are wittnessing a change in the worlds weather. In another 50 years, probably be cold around here half of the time. Here it is May 3 and it's getting down to 35 degrees in Cincinnati :eek: CATKING
  4. Fishpro

    Fishpro Northcoast Madman

    All I watch is the Weather Channel, most of the time they are right on the money. I`ve noticed that if you watch the local guys, you can see three different channels and three different forecast!! Besides, my day dosen`t get started unless I see Heather Tesh(?) in the morning!!! Got to love those Weather Chicks!!! :D
  5. THEY'RE ALWAYS PREGNANT... :eek: :eek: :D .
  6. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    The Gov't ruined weather forecasting when they stopped letting local forecasters use their own forecasts from weather maps and immagry, and go with 1 standard set of graphs. Was WAY more accurate the old way.
  7. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    I have my own way of forecasting the weather, look out the window, if it's raining and lightning, I stay home. I also check the radar. works for me! Shortdrift, do you really think they will give a crap what you say? Remember they are the goverment. Nice letter though.We'll see what or if they have anything to say.
  8. I doubt that they will give a crap but it would be great if 50% of our membership were to take the time and E-Mail them with comments. :D
  9. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    I myself had planned to go out Saturday afternoon and take my son's fishing. We were going to meet up with a friend that I work with and hit Alum Creek. Well when I got up Saturday morning (7:00 am)both channel 4 and channel 10 in Columbus were saying don't make any plans to go outside today!! Severe showers and thunderstorms will be here for the day! Both son's had soccer games in the morning. We get those over with and head home watch the news again at noon, same thing don't make any plans to be outside today. Well here it is 12:30, it hasn't rained yet in Marysville or Delaware but the ol weatherman say's don't make any plans to go outside! :rolleyes: So I give up on going fishing, those of you with little ones can relate to this. Once you make plans to take them with you fishing, you can't say later that daddy is going to go without you because it is supposed to rain. Then the showers come in the form of tears! Anyway we ended up taking them to the Imax theater at Crosswoods in Columbus to see the Nascar 3-D movie! Awesome, totally awesome!! It was the first time I had ever been to an Imax movie and the first for the boys. It was the best 3-D action I had ever seen. I would highly reccomend it! Both son's were reaching out to "touch" :cool: the movie, it was great!
    By the way, it did not rain at our house until 8:45 Saturday night! :rolleyes:
  10. Portage Lakes

    Portage Lakes OGF Member

    I have thought for the last 2 or 3 years that the barometer is getting slower to react. It use to be that you could predict rain with one but now it seems like the bad weather moves in first before the barometer ever moves.

  11. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    I check with Yahoo & with the Weather channel sites, I have icon shortcuts on my desktop. I see how they compare & then also sometimes check closer to where I'm planning to be. Sometimes rain in Cincinnati & clear in Dayton(CC), or Springfield(CJ), Brookville, etc.
    The trick is to read the satilite maps, see which way the wind is blowing, intensity of the storm, etc. I don't think they update their predictions as often as they could. I check the cloud pattens over the section of river I want to fish & sometimes it's get the idea what I'm saying. :eek: :confused: Make your own forcasts....... :D
    Plug in your zip here(click)
    Here too.(click)
  12. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned


    Visit that link. There is a free program called Weather Watcher. It pulls info from, weatherunderground, noaa, etc. All different locations. Awesome's free, simple to operate, NO SPYWARE or anything like that, NO ADVERTISING. Just a home programmer doing this type of stuff for fun. I use it all the time. Even gives you the option to use radar/surface map images as your desktop background, and will even update every 5 minutes!
  13. I agree with you , for in Sandusky we are somewhat in a cut of land and two years ago my three Barometers have been alot different from what is reported for my area in daily setting numbers. I noticed it more this year so far and I have one at my home and two others at friends which I call to get the settings daily.
    I for the most part on adverage, run 6+ degrees on the drop side or 2+ when on the rise. I know that the upper United sateas has seen a big difference in Spring Barometer conditions the last two years and I have gone to just going by mine for fishing around the bay and it seems to have paid off somewhat , for when I show a rise or fall and the commerical shows different I go fishing and haven't been skunked yet. Spring time is the only time now I live by the Barometer for fishing and for the most part it has paid off. The only word that comes to mind is around the Lake area is," unstable" in the Spring and I key in on the changes daily when trying my luck. Now by doing so I have caught fish at times I never would have thought about trying before.
    For it me, it's just interesting to record and keep up with.
    Tight Lines,