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    Removed the out drive today. Got lucky. Everything in good shape. Going to replace 3 bellows, gimbal bearing and probably the hydraulic lines. There is a kit available on ebay for 75 bucks, comes with 3 bellows, clamps, gimbal bearing, rubber seal, O ring and gaskets. Sounds good to me. New hydraulic lines are on sale for 19 bucks a piece. I need 4 of them. ouch! The price of remodeling just went up! lol;) From what I found out, marinas are charging 550.00 to 650.00 bucks or more for this repair, not including the new hydraulic lines. Maybe by next weekend, I'll be back in the water. Any one with any tips, I would gladly listen. I think I need the bearing tool to get old one out and new one in. Can you rent one? Is there another way? Thanks in advance for any tips.
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    You can get a bearing puller at Auto Zone (bearing slide hammer) get the large one. They are free to use, just pay deposit, use tool, return tool and get refund. Here's a website with information.

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    Got all the parts yesterday, so today after work my buddy and I set off to put the outdrive back together. Fought us every step of the way! Gimbal bearing, 3 bellows, water hose and a few scraped knuckles. Got it all done, outdrive back in place, and ran out of light. Maybe another 1/2 hour or so to bolt it on and hook up the shift cable. Had to drill out the bearing retainer! Not fun getting that baby out. Had more trouble with the ujoint bellows then did with the exhaust bellows? It was the first time I have ever tackled this project. After having done it once, and now knowing the pitfalls, I think I could do it again a lot easier and faster. Total cost 106.00 bucks, and and evening of working with my buddy. Should be ready for the test this weekend! We decided that the ujoints were still good. Looked good and had no play whatsoever. So I have a set of u joints left over. I will definitely be taking that outdrive off every fall from now on and bringing inside. You can grease the ujoints and gimbal the right way.
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    hope it run well.