My Boy finally got on the board

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  1. He scored 2 bass and 2 crappie today at a farm pond w/ night crawlers.....I threw everything but the kitchen sink and had nothing to show for, I did miss one on a Senk-O. We'll be back at it in the morning.
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  2. Buckeyes1G

    Let your boy know I said GREAT JOB! I went out for my first time bass fishing this year and only got one bass on a rattlin crankbait, crawfish color. Just one but she was about a # and a'll do better next time! Tight lines and good job again!

  3. Astro1700

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    It must run in the family, oh wait, I haven't caught a bass yet this year. Great job AJ.
  4. thx guys he's loving being on the net.....God Bless..and Go-Bucks