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Skip to 7:25 for the big bass.
0:45 for the Trout that might have SVD

I just started fishing last year, I mostly catch Smallmouth and Rock Bass from the rivers and have caught a few 3 lber SM, and my biggest fish was a 4 lb Catfish, until I landed this 4.5 beast on Friday. I'm usually a pretty quiet guy, but this one had me screaming from the adrenaline, so much fun to catch these big ones. All this rain has made the rivers a disaster so I've had to improve my lake fishing, which was horrible, but I'm slowly getting better.

I also seen a Rainbow Trout just swimming on the top by my kayak and I was able to just net it, but it was sickly looking. After doing some research, I think it might be SVD. I wanted some other thoughts on it and whether I should try to contact someone about it. Trout get stocked there every April.
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