My big flathead!

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by mastercatman, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. The fish pictured in my avatar is my best flathead to date. I caught it in the muskingum river back in August. It was 43" and 42lbs. Hopefully next year I'll top this one!
  2. awsome fish, there have been alot of PB's caught this year, I got mine Sept 15th 46x32 47lbs Congrats!!! :B

  3. I think theres a State record Shvelhead in Muskingum.My buddy down the street from me caught a 62lbr this spring,My buddy Ron biggest this year was 52 lbs and my biggest was 39.So there has to be bigger ones in there
  4. congrats on the PB, thats a great fish
  5. Nice fish!! congrats. The big ones have been hitting good. The fall bite is on. Now is a good time to go try to get an even bigger one.
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    Nice fish. Why wait till next year?
  7. Thanks for the comments guys! I see that many of you have boasted nice fish this year and congratulations to all of you who put the time in. The reason I'm waiting till next year is because bow season is in full swing. I just arrowed my first buck and my nicest buck so far this past saturday. You can check out the pic on my profile! Now its time to start filling some doe tags! By the way deer livers kept in the freezer makes great spring channel cat bait!