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My best day on the river so far this season!

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by nlcatfish, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Sept 18th. I got the boat in the water at 08:00 headed down river. There was no current at all, tried drift fishing just with boat oars, just did not work out as planned. Went and anchored up at a good spot with deep water. Put my lines out there at 09:25. I got my first fish of the day at 09:50. The channel cat was 2.5 pounds. Then boated another channel at 10:05, it was just a little bigger, 3.1 pounds. Then got a 4.5 sheep head perch on the thawed cut skipjack.

    I hooked into my biggest cat of this year at 11:05. It was a blue cat, 34 inches, 17 pounds!! I caught 2 more blues, 7.5 that was 27 inches. I was out of skipjack so had to try other baits. The last blue cat hit some chunks of a steak seasoned hot dog! This one was only 3.2 pounds and 21 inches.

    I headed for the ramp and home around 13:30. This was MY best day of fishing so far this season. Hopefully with the cooler weather things will even get better. I will try to upload some photos of this trip in the next week.