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my bait choice for roky fork lake whats yours

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by chad4050, Jun 3, 2007.

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    what is ur guys go to bait at rocky fork lake this time of year mine is the following 1 senko black blue flake
    2 b
    berkly 4 inch powerbait camo worm
    3 rattle trap green and white
    4green and blue crankbait lucky craft 3 inch
    5white spinner bait

    ok whats urs for bass
  2. Mine would be:
    1. small creature bait/green pumpkin
    2. shallow-crankbait, about any color, pulled through all those downed trees
    3. Chatterbait, white or black/blue
    4. Floating worm, white or pink
    5. Horney Toad, most colors
    6. Buzzbait (at sun-up)

  3. I'm from Dayton and haven't ever been to Rocky Fork to fish. I'm camping there next weekend and was wondering if anyone has any pointers to help get a newbie started. Top 3 most successful bait list, location, etc. I'd be most interested in hooking into bass and muskie.