my baby is dead..

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by crappielooker, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. crappielooker

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    most of you who knows me that other than rover, i have a cat also.. her name is churchy.. she died tonight from a liver disease.. i will miss her very much as she was also my best friend..
    rest in peace ole gal.. i will join you and rover someday..
    what a way to start the weekend.. :(
  2. Sorry to hear that crappie, that is terrible. I lost my cat about a year ago. We have since decided to get back in the game and rescued a brother a sister kitten about 8 months ago and then my wife just talked me in to one more a couple weeks ago. I know how hard it is but you would be surprised how much a new one will help. I would give it a little time but think about it, helped me out a bunch. I hope the rest of your weekend goes a little better for you.

  3. Very sorry for your loss. I have 5 cats and know how tough it is to say goodbye. Although your kitty is irreplaceable, I like to think that when they go it's their way of letting another needy pet have the opportunity to be taken in by such wonderful and loving owners like yourself.
  4. WB185Ranger

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    Sorry to hear your bad news, hang in there. WB
  5. sowbelly101

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    I just went through this with my "Best Friend" Jake. I had to put him down 2 weeks ago. Putting him down was the toughest decision I ever made. Im sure gonna miss him, but he was a great companion and I learned alot from him. He developed something, dont know what it was and he started to bleed internally and swelled up. Vets said there wasnt anything that could be done to give him a normal life back. That German Shepherd stole my heart from the day I laid eyes on him and some day I hope to see him again.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do.

  6. Sorry to hear about your loss. We had to put one of our cats down 3 weeks ago also. It is tuff. I look at it on the other side a bit also. How lucky they were to have an owner that cared so much as we do. I am sure they would say thank you if they could.
  7. It is very difficult to lose a cherished pet but just remember all the joy they brought into your life and all the love they received from you.
  8. Bubba bass bigfoot

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    that sucks. i know how it feels. put my dog down not to long ago. its tough.
  9. Fishpro

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    Sorry to hear the news Ak.:(
  10. ezbite

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    couldn't have said it better...
  11. littleking

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    sorry to hear ak, i have 2 cats and 2 dogs myself... they are true family members
  12. You have our deepest sympathies AK ! ! ! They are truely members of the family.
  13. Sorry to hear that. We have 3 cats and a dog and they definitely keep a smile on our faces. My girlfriends 10 month old cat Milo passed away from a heart attack a few months back it was tough for her to deal with, the cat was a birthday present to her.