My 2008 Buck

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Papascott, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Had this deer walk right under my stand on sunday eve. Light was a little dim and the shot was almost strait down so I passed on it. Tonight I used my climber and set up about 25 yd away from the trail he used before. He came out at about 6:30 and after seeing his head gear I decided I would take him if given a shot. He was on a further trail and was too far for me at about 40 yd. He got about 60 yd up the other side of the valley and stopped and started to stomp and snort at something on up the hill. He did a 180 and ran back strait to me and turned broadside at 25 yd. Had a pass through with rage 100 grain 2 blade heads :rolleyes: He went down within eyesight and traveled less than 40 yd. Sorry about the pic it was dark after dragging him out so I took it at the gas staion, while getting ice for his chest and some celebratory barley pops!


  2. Nice buck. Patience and persistance pays off.
  3. DaleM

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    Very nice Papa. Here's a better picture.
  4. That is a nice looking Buck Papascott !! Congrats!!
  5. Lewis


    Congrats got him out of the way early!
  6. Nice buck Scott!! The pics here sure look better than the one on my phone:rolleyes: Get after them does now cause you what sometimes happens after deer season:p
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    Nice buck! I like his blond wig.:D
  8. GREAT BUCK Papascott!!!! Realy glad to hear you got to harvest him,good luck on the rest of the season.
  9. congrats on a nice buck Scott!!
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    Great buck, I'd be proud.
  11. Great buck, congrats! Good job with the rage! :)
  12. Congrats Scott on a very nice deer and a nice hunt!
  13. Nice buck...congrats! Did you ever figure out what spooked him when he was away from you?
  14. No I have no idea what it was. After the shot I stayed in my tree about 15 min even though I saw him pile up and never seen or heard anything?
  15. Good looking Buck congrats :)
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    That's a real nice 9 point buck. Congratulations!