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My 20007 Ontario Spring Adventure PRT2 (lots of pics)

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by yankee, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. (continued from PRT1)

    The walleye fishing was in full swing and it was some of the best walleye fishing I had there for sometime. Couple of my friends from Ohio was with me and one missed a huge walleye at the boat. Rocky (A Timmins, Ontario walleye angler and good friend) came down and fished with me one day. It was 40 fish day with many in the 2-5 # range. I also caught my first ling.





    Rocky and I did a little bass fishing and he got his first one on topwater.

    Later that evening we had a great feed of walleye. The fishing just got better with each passing day.

    Friday I packed up and said my goodbyes to my Ohio friends and left for Round Lake. This guy was walking along the road and I ask if he wanted a ride but he just kept walking.

    It was good to see everyone again and I enjoyed the evening of fishing. My Canadian friends and I sat around and had a good chat at the cabin.

    It was time for me to leave and I headed on down to spend the night in Huntsville. It was late but after a good sleep and pleading with the wife I was allowed to fish one of my favorite pike lakes (that was my plan ). Within 30 minutes I had my limit. That place was on fire. They don’t look big from the self pic but they were good eating size. Fat and chunky.

    I headed for home with no problems at the border. In fact the guard and I had quite a good conversation about fishing despite the backed up lines. I arrived home late Sunday morning. I enjoy my time up north but it was great to be back home in my bed.
  2. Pike


    Looks like an awesome trip. I am heading up to the U.P. later this month an hope to have similar results.


  3. Never fished it - but been through Matechwan before, plus up the road along the river.

    I stay outside Gowganda.

    I have a GPS w/ canadian topo - comes in handy for those lakes and road you can't find.

    There is a road from 560 that cuts across into Matachwan (at least if it;s still open) but I've never made it. Up by Grassy.
  4. fugarwi7

    fugarwi7 Lumberjack

    Yankee...from the pics and your narrative, it sounds like you had an awesome trip. Appears the fishing was in full swing...way to go!!! I go to Canada every year but not as remote as your trip sounds...we have a cabin on the Georgian Bay and get to see all of the wildlife and hear the sounds on the north there, just as you did on your trip. (and even no sounds, which many times is better for the soul). Thanks for sharing your trip and pics with us...I don't get to go until mid September and your experience won't make waiting any easier. Tight Lines!
  5. Yankee, great story and pics! I have never been to Canada for fishing but I have always wanted to go up. Maybe I will do a little research and try and make a trip sometime soon.

  6. Pigsticker

    Pigsticker State record bass or bust

    Awesome report and pics Yankee. You went up there right at a great time. Those look like some nice fish all the way around, even though im kinda partial to the smallie:D .
  7. Good Luck Pike!

    Your in the right area Spot Chaser :)

    Love GB fugarwi7. Very good walleye fishery there not to mention good muskie fishing. I've fished around Parry Sound and Honey Horbour more then a few times myself. 12 Mile bay is excellent for Salmon.

    BuckeyeFishinNut, I hope you do make up there but be'll get addicted to the great fishing and you'll be back again and again.:) Not hard to do and can be inexpensive providing you do a little research. Lot's of great folks on NAA willing to help with any Ontario information. Where to go, what you'll need, what's hitting and don't forget the rules and regulations. Good Luck! If there's anything I can help with or maybe answer a question or two just give me a shout. I'm up there all the time.

    Hey PS!! How are ya buddy? Yeah right on time this time:) The smallies were nailing the topwater poppers as soon as they hit the water. You didn't even have to work them half the time. They hit in the rapids and I also found a spot up on the river with 68 F temps and it was on fire. Non stop smallie action. You'll have to make it up sometime PS! You have an open invitation :)
  8. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    Leaving myself in three weeks for trent river/rice lake area. You got my blood a flowing now.THANKS I Feel like a kid at xmas time. Man those are some beautiful spots you were in . Great selection of pic,s . I would love to go the route you did. Hitting all different ponds, lakes , rivers , etc . Sounds like a great time . Nice fish also
  9. Good Luck mirrocraft mike! Rice can be a very good lake. Got five of these last October in one day. In a river off Rice!!
  10. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    Stop it YANK .You are killing me . LOL 18 days to go !!! Been hitting this area for 30 years now. I'm all most a local Eh:) Still seems like the first time every year . Only been up North once late in the year . NICE SKI