my 2 does i got in pa

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by closing time, Dec 1, 2007.

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    I was gutting the bigger one and my dad used his tag for the other

  3. littleking

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    we've all shot small deer in our time
  4. Kyfisherman1


    lol if i openly broke the law i don't think i'd get on the internet and tell people about it... those are 2 babies, good eaters.
  5. good eaters, very true i guess, ill retract the "dog" comment! but hopefully for you pa odnr doesnt read this forum!
  6. that was my thoughts!!! hey he does get 3-4 pounds of eats before the slammer!!!:p :p
  7. Toxic

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    Ain't nothing like snitching on yourself. Closing time, I sure hope you mistyped this "and used my dads tag for the other".
  8. Lewis


    While I dont condone the tag thing...congrats young fella on your deer.
    As far as size goes...we all know PA deer dont get that big.
    Looks like some great eating.
  9. that was a serious typo man was that bad. my dad used his tag.
  10. Let's give him a break! It was obviously a misstatement that was corrected. I've been deer hunting in PA for 25 years now and have never heard of anyone using someone else's tag. It just doesn't happen. Then again, I don't leave the camp much. It's the second week of deer camp and all the guys are here la la la la la la.