My 1st smallie 08

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  1. Went fishing today at bressler resevoir. Caught a nice smallmouth...about a pound and a half.

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  2. nice smallie,never had much luck at Bressler,gonna have to try it this spring.

  3. Hey, CONGRATS ON THE SMALLIE, nice way to start the year. Their is some A LOT BIGGER, in that place.

    And I KNOW, where you got that 1, White building in the back round is a dead give-a-way. But i wont tell.
  4. nice smallie. i see where too :p . care to share what she hit? my guess is a jerkbait or tube?
  5. She hit a tube. I took my buddy with me sunday and he caught a 3 pounder. We weighed it and measured it....18 and a half inches. By the way i under judged mine a little....mine was over two pounds judging from my buddies fish. Altogether about 6 hours and 2 still a little slow right now. Oh yah, my buddy was using the exact same tube when he caught

  6. 3 pounder right now is pretty good considering the water is still cold, but them smallies will surprize you as to how quick they hit the banks.

    You ever throw a Strike King greenpumpkin bitsy tube at them ? they like it.

    Do you practice Catch & Release ? them smallies fight to good to be caught just wounce.
  7. Yes, i practice catch and release, thats why i took a I was throwing a strike king tube...bleeding tube i think its called. To be honest, i have been bass fishing for about 15 years and have never kept a bass. Although, i eat 5 pound and below catfish. If i catch any cat over 5, i take a picture and throw it back.
  8. poloaman

    poloaman Smallmouth rule

    Nice fish have you ever tried hair jigs. Just wondering because I've always thought that would be the lure to get them in the cold water.