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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by CatfishSlayer, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Shot a ten point last wednesday evening while hunting in Auglaize county. After passing on an 8 point just minutes before, this 10 point came walking down the same trail at about 30 yards and i drew back while he was walking, grunted to stop him dead in his tracks, and then made i nice shot just a little bit behind his shoulder. He then kicked like a mule and took off running out in a winter wheat field and then i watched him circle back into the woods. After that i called up my dad and told him about it and then he came out and we tracked it about 125 yards and found him with my arrow still sticking out of him. Since this was my first year hunting with a compound, i was pretty excited to get a nice buck. The only thing that sucks is that im done hunting now because i already got my doe and we are only allowed 2 deer in Auglaize county
  2. Congrats! Got any pics?

  3. congrats on the buck.. if you can find a place to hunt one county east you can get two more deer;)