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    I shot a nice buck last day of muzzleloader . I have hunted very hard this year, spending countless hours in the woods this year. I hunted all day saturday without seening a single deer. So as it started getting dark that evening I saw two does working my way . I picked the second one out and as she worked into a clearing I took a shot at her. I thought I had hit her . But I got up to where she stood and found no blood or hair. Since I was looking in the dark I thought it would be wise to go back the next day and double check to make sure I didnt get her. Went back the next day and saw I had hit a fence post that was directly in line with the doe. So I walked across a little valley and sat down against a tree looking over the same area I have hunted all year . I hadnt been sitting down 5 minutes and I looked to my left and saw a buck and doe working straight to me about 85 yards out. I found a clearing and made the shot putting the buck down in his tracks. But I had been so concentrated on the buck in my scope I didnt realize how close I was to the scope. Needless to say the scope nailed me in the forehead and laid me wide open. Probably should of got stitches but decided not to . Another funny part of the story is where the buck fell. I have been hunting from one particular tree all season . In which I havent had a deer walk by all year. The buck was standing at the base of that tree where he fell when I shot . But after one hell of a headache and a little bit of blood shed on my part it was all worth it.

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  2. Nice buck and an interesting story. Thanks for sharing.:)

  3. Great buck! Congrats on your late season success.
  4. Nice work, nice buck. Any pictures of your battle wound?!?!
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    Good huntin' story and nice buck. Nuthin' like waitin' till the last minute....
  6. Congratulations, Bulldawg! Thats a nice looking buck.

    Hope that scope wound isn't too nasty. I did that once a long time ago. Its a heck of jolt.
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    Hey guys thanks for all the responses . Chase845 I don't have any pics of the battle wounds but I was able to get another pic of the rack . It was taken from my cell phone but didn't turn out too bad.

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