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must have been the khaki's/scioto report

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BennyLovesSaugeyes, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. went to the usually scioto spots around 4pm today. Forgot my shorts, so I waded in my Khaki dress pants.

    Water level is officially TOO LOW. Places that where wet this weekend, are starting to dry up. New Rock structures are showing up left and right, and the majority of the river was less than two feet, several inches in other spots. Tossed a twister tail for an hour, nothing. Switched to a White/Black Rooster Tail, bingo.

    Caught three Saugeyes, but lost three saugeyes all at the same time. When I was pulling them out of the water, they would shake off the treble hook. Don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I lose a ton of fish when pulling them out with my rod. I did have my hands on one of the eyes, but he twitched, and off he went, back into the water. The third shaked off one foot from my feet. It must have been the khaki pants. The eyes probably saw my horrible yuppie pants, and fought with everything to escape!!! So basically I got the skunk.

    None of the eyes where of any size, less than 10 inches on all three. Also lost one smallmouth during the initial slam and jump. Was a HOG, maybe 6 inches TOPS.

    If you are planning on hitting the scioto north of Donegal Cliffs park , wait till it rains. Another week without rain, and the whole river will be dry. Might make for some easy fishing, fish stacked in the deeper pools, but generally the whole system is in need of some rain storms. Not saying you won't catch fish, just the conditions aren't ideal.
  2. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    Had my worst day yesterday on the river, 2 bass, low water and fishing pressure are getting to them. I saw 8-10 other fishers where i usually see 0-2.

  3. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    The river is getting crowded? Things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  4. only seen four people in the last three trips fishing in the area. Water pressure is getting to them. did drive down below griggs dam today, saw a 4 guys down there spread out.
  5. Pretty typical summer pools on Ohio flows right now. Scioto is probably 50 cfs under what it normally is. But they'll open up the dam a tad here and there.
    Gotta change up the spots and the techniques when the dog days hit, that's for sure.
  6. i love the low flow, very easy to find fish, this is when i park the boat and vacate alum, hoover, oshay and hit the scioto and darby and tangy and have some of the best fishing of the year....hit scioto way south of town monday am and hit about 18-20 bass and then nailed 11 in darby this am many of them 14 inches and better
  7. Guess I'm just use to the higher flows this year. Didn't fish the area last year much. plus I fished from 4:30 till 6. not exactly the hot time of the day. The am seems to produce a lot better for me. I hate work
  8. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    also the 2 bass i caught had some ripped up lips, same on the olentangy, half of the bass i caught the other day had ripped lips, ive never seen so much pressure..........Ive been fishing these rivers since 85. at least most appear to be products of catch and release.
  9. yea with all the floods of the spring and early summer this is pretty good flow for the last few days of july. last year nothing but rocks and mud...and you shouldve seen hoover this time last year....low low low, islands rocks and trees everywhere
  10. Do me a favor and don't ever use the phrase "Donegal Cliffs Park."

    10-4 good buddy?? Thanks
  11. pizza


    the pond fishing is great!!!
  12. My Son and I were out tonight fished for a couple hrs, things were pretty slow, the water seemed to be lower than lastnight even, my son got the highlight of the evening again with about a 14" smallie, other than that rockbass and small smallies.
  13. fishintechnician

    fishintechnician Amateur legend

    what the deal with giving people crap abou ta PUBLIC park that has miles of river to fish in either direction???????? it not like he said go to this hole right past the big elm tree and reel at super sonic speeds with a pause and you'll limit out on 20 pound saugeye. if you read the post he said he didn't even land anything and the ones he had hooked were major dinks (sorry benny). if it bothers you that much don't coment just leave the rest of us to our discussion
  14. they were infact major dinks. I think that's why I couldn't land them, to small of mouth, couldn't get a good hook on them. Hopefully this weekend we do a lil better. See ya saturday Bill Dance aka fishintechnician
  15. where's the attachment??? somebody want to PM me, tell me where it's at???

    ps. BASS FISHERMEN, if you want a bunch of hard craws, go just north of the before mentioned park, and stay to the left. There's a ton of dried up pools FILLED with craw dads. I caught two of them with my bare hands. There's all sizes, from mini's to Lobster sized. ENJOY.
  16. Because it's an out of the way pull off, that most people aren't aware of. Some of us enjoy the solitude of river fishing and sharing such things on here is a sure friggin fire way to eliminate that.

    PLUS he got the info from ME in a PM. He said he had only ever really fished the Scioto Park and the dam and felt the fish were pressured pretty heavy......And I was foolish enough to share a couple of out of the way spots that don't see as much action.

    Now I understand that Benny has a different opinion on sharing spots than I do, but you would think a person would have an ounce of dignity, respect, or appreciation for the person who gave them that information in confidence.

    That's what the deal is.
  17. ANDYMAN YOU ARE TOO MUCH. I use to start from Glick Road and work my way down two years ago, before I even joined the OGF. THIS IS UNBELIEVEABLE.

    Don't give yourself too much credit!!!! BTW, when are you turning pro since you know it all????
  18. pizza


    last post was in :) of course
  19. of course pizza, no worries here. You seem to have a free for all to say or do anything you want on here, without any discipline from mods?? are you misfits nephew????
  20. any spot that ends in the word PARK is certainly not a secret!
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