Musky scheduled to be stocked at East Fork Lake!

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    I heard through the grape vine this was true, but I decided to call the DNR and hear it from the horses mouth. Yes, it is true, the state is going to start a musky stocking program at East Fork Lake! Starting this fall, 1 fish will be stocked per acre, starting the lake off with about 1,900 fish. Personally I was glad to hear this, how about everyone else?
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    As long as the state has the resources to sustain all of these musky programs I say go for it. I would rather have seen Suageyes stocked personally, although with EF maybe most of them would have been washed out the dam. Another side benefit of this is that the EFLM is going to have a decent population of muskys roaming around to be caught as well as a few that make it to the LMR.

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    Ya I was always curious as to why they never stocked saugeyes there with such an abundant population of crappie and shad the lake has.
  4. I am an avid fisherman of the EFLMR and the past two years have been learning how to fish the lake....I do not have a boat but I have been doing quite well from the shore. I guess I am wondering what impact this will have on the other fish. I am not too knowledgeable in this area and would like to hear the pros and cons of this situation. Also, I know Cowan has a good muskie population, just wondering if anyone has ever caught a muskie out of EF. Thanks all.
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    the musky shouldn't have any effect of fish populations in the lake. Their diet will mainly consist of shad which EF is in no short supply of. The only impact I could see, and I'm really stretching this, is if a musky gets into a smaller pool on the EFLM and then it might cause a small decline in that pools numbers of fish. I highly doubt that is going to happen as the musky that get washed into the stream are going to be few and far between and they will not be trapped in a single pool in that stream.
  6. could only wish they would stock saugeye at east fork. guess i will have to keep going to rocky fork or up north for eyes. its funny how they stock all the lake around columbus with eyes and the odnr offices. maybe someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
  7. Yes muskie will be stocked in East Fork. This was announced to us at the Muskie Summit with the DNR at the Ohio Muskie Show this past Saturday.

    As for Cowan - it has been dropped from the muskie stocking program.

    I knew there would be concerns about the effect on other fish species but I can tell you as can most of the muskie fishermen that fish Caesars, ALL fishing will improve. We regularly catch saugeye (some up to 27") on muskie lures as well as largemouth bass (5-6lbers).
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    I really have no experience or knowledge of the effect of introducing another species to a body of water, but logically it seems that there would be some impact at least on numbers of fish. Wouldn't the numbers of some fish species decline a little while the size increases for those caught?

    Even the shad population will eventually decline...with or without the help of the Muskie's. Then they gotta eat something else.

    And just so we're clear, I don't have an opinion one way or the other. I imagine if I get hooked into a decent sized Muskie, I'll be all for it :D One positive impact I'd hope for is to reduce shad count and increase my catch count of Wipers! I've not had much luck there the last few years and I'm blaming it on the massive shad population ;)

  9. I see nothing wrong with stocking musky in this lake. There is plenty of shad to go around. The trees and stumps in the creek arms should allow for good protection for the young and good ambush points for the adults. It should be as good a CC in my opinion. The draw back is the state is notorious for adding one specie and dropping another. I hope the hybrid striper program stays strong on this lake. We don't have any other lakes in SW Ohio that have a good population of hybrids. I am sad to hear the Cowan has been dropped from the musky stocking program. This lake has had musky for as long as I can remember. I feel bad for Tom Taylor because I know he has fought long and hard to keep them in the lake. I hope they increase the amount of saugeye stocked to compensate for the loss of musky. Maybe they will put hybrids in there. YEAH RIGHT! It has a spillway!
  10. With the Muskie's being stock in EF, has anyone confirmed the level of wiper stocking will continue at EF as well?
  11. It is hard to tell what the effects of muskies will have. It is adding in another big predator. As for EFLMR I think if muskie got in there they would really knock down the numbers of fish. It is just a really small river. Is East Fork going to go away from the hybrid program. Ronnie
  12. sweet!:D EF will make for a good ski lake. as for the fish populations i have never seen any factual evidence that they effect the populations of any fish, so i dont think we have anything to worry about, plus the eflmr downstream would make for a cool place to cast for skis as well.
    so how long until the crazies blame there inability to catch bass on the ski's?? the only downside to skis, the nuts come out of the woodwork
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  14. I wouldn't worry about the downstream fishery after the muskies are stocked. Todds Fork/Cowan Creek didn't seem to suffer much after the muskies were added to Cowan. Up north we have west branch, which has nice populations of muskies and some wipers/stripers. The stripers haven't been stocked for a long time, but some still show up. Cowan always seemed to be a rather small lake for muskies.
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    lol I got a kick out of that, the irony is East Fork is already a "terrible" bass fishery. I presume it primarily to be the constant fluctuation of the lake during their spawning period, a personal friend of mine told me that in all the years he's being fishing "the fork," for 30 years or so, and can only remember 3 time's he saw bass beds, all of which were uninhabited. I'm quoting a man whom I've never had tell me a lie to my knowledge, and he fishes the lake 1 or 2 times a week during the fishing season, including the tournaments held on it. That being said, I'll find it halarious personally when guys start blaming the poor bass fishing on the musky.

    I didn't ask about the wiper program, but would also like to know if it's going to continue. My guess would be no since the lake is so chocked full of shad.
  16. This year will mark the 10th year muskie have been stocked in Caesars. There are times on that lake when there are literally millions of shad schooled up. I don't think you will have to worry about any other fish species if there are many shad as some have said.
  17. As for East fork being a 'terrible' bass fishery.....I dont seem to agree with that. My partner and I seem to do just fine on that lake. Got a couple pigs out of there last year and Caught a ton of fish
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    I agree with you 1bad but there are definitally better bass fisheries in the state. You won't catch people traveling acrost the state to come fish it :)
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    It sickens me to hear that they are done stocking Muskies in Cowan. I caught my first Muskie ever last year at Cowan and have been hooked ever since. I know many people who will be very upset over this. ODNR!:mad::mad:
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    Any stocking of any species is a plus for that lake. I would have like to have seen blue cats heavly stocked , but I guess you cant have it all. This lake does have some good bassin , but it's not what I would call a "good" bass lake. When they dammed this lake back in 1978, they saif they were not going to stock it with anything . Then after they saw it was a faliure, they stocked hybrids. I still believe this lake fluctuates to much in the fall and spring to ever be decent in any kind of fishing. The cattin isn't bad at times, as well as carpin and bassin. But it still is a very hard lake to figure out. Very deep throughout, and spawn beds are constantly being screwed with (rising waters, and falling waters)....... My 2cents.... DA KING !!! :)