Musky or Catfish?

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  1. I went to leeseville lake Wednsday night and tried Musky trolling for the first time. A friend of mine who is a musky addict finally got me talked into it after a couple of years. Man did I hook a fish! It was about 12:15 am and we were seconds away from pulling our rods after about 4.5 miles of trolling slowly around that gorgeous lake. Then all of a sudden one of my big catfish ugly sticks just quadrupled over and had about 80 yards of line peeled off in about 2 seconds! I could hear my Ugly stick actually creaking from all the stress cause I had the drag cinched down with 65lb test Power Pro. The fish was 38.5" long and had a girth of 24" + and weighed at least 20lbs or better. She engulfed a 7" sisson in 14ft of water! Totally amazing, this fish actually faught harder than the 36lb shovelhead cat I caught a few years ago which is my best one. Guys, I think I'm hooked and I don't what to chase now cats or muskies! Only downfall to the muskies is all the money you'll need to buy the lures! Good Fishing!
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    Okay, I'm going to try to translate this...
    1.)Guys, I think I'm hooked and I don't want to chase cats or muskies :confused:
    2.)Guys, I think I'm hooked and I don't want to chase cats now for muskies :rolleyes:
    3.) Guys, I think I'm hooked and I don't what to chase now, cats or muskies :D
    4.)Guys, I think I'm hooked and I don't know what to chase, cats or muskies now.
    Hey, if you need a good boat, I have one...check out my signature ;) good for whatever you chase...cats, muskies, women, stripers....

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    Congratulations !! I sure hope you have a picture to post.
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    mastermuskycatman!! musky by day, cats by night. do em both till ya go insane from lack of sleep and are totally incoherent. Jim did he say that? :)

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    Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines...muscatyman.....G-wizard.
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  7. Wow Cameron, Outstanding!!!! Did you get any pics of that?
  8. Sorry, I was tired last night. I meant to say that I wasn't sure what I wanted to chase, Muskies or Catfish! I think I'll do both equally because I have the time to. I do have a pic but its not a real good one. Unfortunately, my friend did not know how to operate my camera phone correctly. The only pic I got was when the fish was in the net because thats the one I took and saved. The other ones are lost because my friend did not hit save on my phone :( . Give me a few minutes and I'll try to transfer my picture from the phone to the website.
  9. If you have never caught a musky you won't understand it! I understand that this is not a huge musky and there are many larger specimens in Leeseville to be caught. This fish is also a Fish Ohio! And I also practiced catch and release on this fish in case I did not make that clear before. Good Fishing.
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    That's a nice size musky !!
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    I'm so jealous! Wow.. Nice fish! Congrats :D :B
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    awesome fish!

    I think it would be hard to quit chasing cats though......maybe just for a little while while they are spawning though! :eek: