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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Garyoutlaw77, Apr 2, 2008.

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    Just a heads up guys my gurage was broke into Monday morning & they took all my Musky gear & some tools. I was told by the Sheriff that this is more common than I realized (crooks like to fish ) & was given little hope of recovering my stuff. We have home owners insurance but have never filed a clame before & worrie that I'll be lucky to get things covered, anyone else been through this have any advice ? Thanks Gary
  2. Just last month my garage was broken into. They took out a window on the side climbed thru my boat w/full tackel and rods over to my quad. They unstrapped the xbow and left my backpack and the climber. The insurance paid about 90%, the xbow was a Hunter, now 10pt, and 9yrs old. Got a new one now. In 95 someone broke in and took my fishing tackle and a generator. It covered everything that I bought and 50% of what I did not. I have to call them and ask the difference. I have Allstate home owners.

  3. Thats crappy man, sorry to hear that. I hope insurance gets you squared away. It's probably a good idea to take digital photos of all your new stuff and catalog the pics on a re-writable DVD that you can keep in a file with your receipts. I personally am far too lazy and stupid to practice what I preach but it sounds like a good idea, none-the-less.
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    I just got an email from St. Croix & for some reson they only have 3 of my 10 rods registered with them... So it looks like I'm screwed on the rods unless I find some way of validateing my claim HELP!
  5. That is why they call it a claim,no proff is required.Your ins co has to prove that u did not have they stuff in order for them not to pay;)
  6. much as i hate to be the bearer of bad news, I know things are not cheap to buy, but have you added it all up and compared it to what you will see in premium increase? Sadly, you may not want to claim it - what is your deductable?

    It sux that someone would do this - I can't stand a thief - get a job and pay for your stuff like the rest of us!!!!!
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    Might hit the South High flea market, never know just might see some of your gear for sale.

    Sorry for your loss, people can't seem to keep their hands to themselves anymore. I'd like to go back to the old way, cut the thiefs hand off steal again cut off the other one!!
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    I have had a garage break in last summer too, although all that was stolen as far as i can see is my tools, air compressor and leaf blower. i immediately reported it to the police and got an incendent report and then to the insurance co. who sent out an adjuster and you had to fill out this form. The form allowed me to check current prices at stores (Sears,home depot etc...) and estimate the time my stuff was purchased and compare price, you won't get the full amount that you lost, but you can come close, especially if you can provide receipts. and do take into account what your deductibule is goin to be. if your gear is not more then your deductible then don't bother.
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    A buddy had a bunch of gear stolen (musician) and it popped up on ebay and he got most of it back and insurance covered the rest. He called the police and they tracked the seller at a pawn shop and he turned the guys in. Check ebay and craigs list you never no. Sorry to here about this. Crack heads likley and they will sell it for drugs. S
  10. I have replacement insurance so hopefully all will be replaced.
    The problem i have is remembering everything I have to claim it.
  11. last year our garage got broken into once, and cars twice....we ended up getting money back for it but not as much as centimental value or however much we paid for it....since then i've listed all the stuff i have take pictures and keep the list up to date...just incase
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    They say one of the best deterents is a beware of dog sign. I know this does not help if it's your neighbors stealing from you and they know you don't have a dog or only a yorkie.