Musky catalogs?

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  1. Are there any catalogs targeting these toothy critters?
  2. Catalogs for what? Lures and equipment? There are several websites to order stuff from. A few of my favorites are:

    Rollie and Helens:

    Thorne Bros:

    Musky Tackle Online:

    There are a couple good magazines devoted to muskie fishing.

    Esox Angler - The Next Bite: this is Pete Maina's site.

    Musky Hunter Magazine: this is Jim Saric and Steve Heitings site

  3. Any mail order catalogs?
  4. Rollie & Helens is a muskie lure encylopedia
  5. Smokey’s has a paper catalog, it may take a little time before you get one.
    Looks like they have a bit of a water problem.
  6. They are running a a sale ( I think it's 20% off all lures) because of the flood. The bad part is it is over the phone only, so if you don't have a catalog you can't order as you wouldn't have item numbers.
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    if your looking for componenets, is a great catalog...