Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Joey209, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know if the Muskingum around Zanesville is still high????

    It was down about three feet from what it has been, but it is still above it's normal banks. I drive by it every morning. I have a feeling that it will be back up shortly with all this rain we are about to get.

  3. hey joey. its down. looking better. i dont think iit will really come back up. i may fish it this weekend down by phlio. jason
  4. Well if you end up goin,good luck.I'm sittin this weekend out,I heard it was supposed to be rainy and cold.I'll prolly check it out next weekend
  5. well let me know f you want to go. i can do the day thing but the boss is on nights now so the new baby cant go. jason
  6. I love to fish the river,though it is a 2 hr. trip one way.I pretty much know it from the ramp area above I-70 to a mile or two below Zanesville.would really appreciate any tips if available,if not I understand.Thanks.
  7. I like to fish about 10 min south of Zanesville.And my fav bait is Bullheads,5-10 inches long
  8. catdaddy if you want yo ffish it you need to do it souyh of town its the best. joey your on the right track. jason
  9. Hows water levels doin guys?
  10. looks good joey thinking about going out here soon. jason
  11. I'm headin down saturday afternoon.I'm itchin for a big flathead