Muskingum River?

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  1. With all the rain,Whats the River look like after last night and this morning????Do you think it will be back down by Saturday?Thanks!Any reports are helpful
  2. i'm heading out that way so if you dont have a answer by time i get back i will let you know what it looks here is a number for zanesville water levels....1-740-454-7226,,,,hope this helps

  3. Thanks.I'm sure it looks like crap right now but I'm hopin the next couple dry days and the core office will hook me up so I can crank in some hogs saturday
  4. i hear ya i was hopping to make it soon but the way things are looking i aint gonna get to hit gatesport for awhile unless i can find someone in my area to go and drive us there
  5. USGS Gauge shows the river being up about a ft and a half...And rising...
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    hey, i work in marietta and drive by it everyday. It was naaaasty after the storms and right below flood stage. I'm hopin to fish it this sunday but prob settle for somewhere in p-burg, its kinda high. I'll post tomorrow night or sat morn of its status.
  7. i was out there lastnight and its not gonna be fishable this weekend fellas....i'm gonna try salt fork for some flatties
  8. its blown out down here too in Belpre. It won't be till sometime next week that it will even be fishable on the Ohio.
  9. Ended up doin pretty good!
  10. Can anyone give a report on the river conditions near Duncan Falls between lock 8 & 9. Had a great time on the river with the spots up by the falls at 8 last summer.
  11. Good.Its just a lttle low.Water is flowing very slow