Muskingum River - Safe Level's?

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  1. Me, along with a few friends, had plan to fish the Muskingum tomorrow night (Saturday) and were planning on being on the water around 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon to try our luck from some big flatheads. Never having been on the river before and with all the rain we received yesterday, I'm wondering if the river will be safe to put a couple boats on? One boat will be a big V, 20 ft. lund with a 115 hp yamaha and the other boat will be an 18 ft. semi-v jon boat with a 60 hp.... There will be 3 guys per boat, plus gear.

    The projected river forecast shows the river cresting tomorrow afternoon at 5.3 ft. and 12,000 CFS. Is this a safe leve to fish? We will be anchoring; obviously with the bow upstream.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Capt KC

    I wish to inform you that if I catch a monster flatty with you in your boat. Make sure your boat can hold it with us in it......If the fishes weight puts us over the safe limit I would advise you to have your PFD on ,as I will toss you in to make room for the flatty....