Muskingum River - Safe Level's?

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  1. Me, along with a few friends, had plan to fish the Muskingum tomorrow night (Saturday) and were planning on being on the water around 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon to try our luck from some big flatheads. Never having been on the river before and with all the rain we received yesterday, I'm wondering if the river will be safe to put a couple boats on? One boat will be a big V, 20 ft. lund with a 115 hp yamaha and the other boat will be an 18 ft. semi-v jon boat with a 60 hp.... There will be 3 guys per boat, plus gear.

    The projected river forecast shows the river cresting tomorrow afternoon at 5.3 ft. and 12,000 CFS. Is this a safe leve to fish? We will be anchoring; obviously with the bow upstream.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Boating always has inherent risks involved. Anytime you anchor
    in a river you run risks. Large trees or barely submerged trees
    that I call deadmen can hit your boat or worse yet cross
    your anchor line.
    If a large log hits your anchor rope and the anchor is
    hooked into something solid on bottom it can take your boat
    under very quickly. I make it a point to always have a sharp
    knife ready for any emergency.

    Large boats are pretty safe but correct operation and load limits
    must be considered. Always exercise good judgement and if you
    aren't sure about your safety you should think about your ideas
    some more.

    Do not let large boats and big horsepower give you confidence
    in unsafe areas or fast currents. Motors can fail and things happen
    quickly in fast current.

    Having 2 boats really increases your safety factor. In unknown
    waters we usually let the boat with the more expensive prop

    Hopefully you will have a report of a safe and successful trip.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I'm not new to running rivers. I hunt and fish the Scioto quit often and know my limitations on that river.....although, I've never put my lund on the scioto and have always run the 18 ft. G3 on that river. Since, I've never been on the Muskingum, I didn't know would be considered a safe level. Obviously, the Muskingum is wider and deeper than the Scioto. However, with where the Scioto is right now and where it is forecasting to crest, I would never put the G3 on that river at the current level.
  4. I just talked to the core office.And they said at Zanesville the water was right under 10 ft,which is about a foot high.But its a normal level for this time of year.They were sayin if nothing significant happens between now and tomarrow evening it should be fine to launch a boat and fish.I am also planning a flathead expedition via boat.Good luck!I got a baittank full of pissed off bullheads waiting to be martyr's;)
  5. Thanks Joey! Where can you get bullhead's? What size hook are you using and where do you hook them?
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    capt,you can find bullheads in local streams(i asume you're around columbus)but buckeye lake should be fairly easy pickings.around sellers point,liebs,north shore area,fairfield beach area should be good places to catch leat i have no trouble attracting them when i fish for other species there:rolleyes:
  7. That or the Canal between Buckeye Lake(North Shore) and Hebron;) I hook them down the back,halfway between the dorsal and tail with a 8/0 Gamakatsu Octopus hook
  8. Or you can take some nightcrawlers with you and throw out a couple poles and whatever you catch(Drum,carp,bluegill,bass,suckers) you could prolly use for bait.I've used some pretty big fish for bait
  9. Thanks Guys. Would crappie or bluegill work if I caught a bunch and took with me? What if they are not native to the river, will they still feed on the bait?
  10. You might wanna check on crappie.I think bluegill and bullheads are ok