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  1. hey i really want to catch a muskie, my dad and i are going up to clear fork resivore i believe its called...what type of lours and techniques would you guys recodmend?

    thanks, mike
  2. esox62

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    check out central ohio muskies inc. message board, those guys know the lake well and will help you out. also the musky/pike discusssion board here..

  3. MuskieJim

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    This time of year, I would recommend trying some Lil' Ernies, Rapala Super Shad Raps, and Depthraiders by Bucher tackle (if you are trolling). I recommended these lures specifically because they can all be purchased at your local Gander Mountain or Dicks sporting goods. If you plan on casting, bucktails and smaller crankbaits work great this time of year. Good luck!
  4. crittergitter

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    The Muskies Inc chapter 56 had an outing there this past Saturday. I believe between 12 members present they boated 4 muskies. All were caught casting and I believe jerkbaits were the rule of the day. I know 3 were caught on a hellhound. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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    That is a great lake! Let us know how you do.